Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alhambra Palace, Granada/Spain

I loved these flowers when I saw them at the Alhambra Palace Gardens in Granada/Spain. Afterwords I've learned that their name is "Columbine".


Lauri said...

Hello Rengin
I love loooking at your blog. I just wanted to let you now that the Columbine is the State Flower of Colorado. They grow wild in the Rocky Mountains. However they are protected bt law and it is illegal to pick one here. So you are a very lucky lady to get seeds to plant your own!
Keep up all the beautiful pictures

Rengin Yazitas said...

Wow, I'm really lucky for getting seeds in this situation. But unfortunately I couldn't sow them yet due to drought. We had unusual dry spring and summer... still no one drop of rain...
Thanks for your comment, I'll keep it in my mind.
Much Love,

Berceste said...

Bizdeki isimleri de Haseki Kupesi.