Monday, October 20, 2014


I  have been nominated by  Jenny Clouston,   to participate in The Round the World Blog Hop. She is very talented quilter from Australia, I would like to thank her.

There are a few questions that we have to answer so people can find out a more about us.

1. What Quilting/Sewing things am I working on?

I do like sane quilting but crazy quilting is my passionate interest, I love to create different blocks heavily embellished with pearls, beads, sequins, charms... I like to join Round Robins with my favorite themes such as Victorian, Vintage, Winter, etc. I really forgot how many RR or different activities  such as charity projects I’ve joined  since 2004.  
To win a contest with my first big project was a great motivation, the influence of the Victorian style and Victorian colors are so obvious on my quilts.

2. How does my work differ from those of it's genre?

I believe that every crazy quilt is unique and has special reflections of its creator. In a decade,  I did so many projects, some of them were  heavily embellished  memory quilts with  the 40x40” dimension,  charity blocks etc....I must admit that I have just a purse and a few small things for myself at the moment.
To join RRs keeps me busy, in addition to review different blocks is always a learning period for the endless journey of the crazy quilting.
My weak point was to create CQ blocks...however, I improved in the past years, I assemble pieces more easily now a days:))...I think, my painting experience helps a lot to play with colors to make nice combos.
I love to use fancy solid fabrics to create blocks that they show  crazy seam treatments more apparently. I rarely use trims, I love to create my own seam treatments using lots of beads, sequins, bugles, charms and of course oyas! Oyas are our traditional Turkish needle art samples. It has a long story for me how I've introduced them to the CQ world. Some stitcher friends calls me as "Queen of the Oyas" and they can recognize my work among the others easily.
 Crazy Quilt Gatherings is a wonderful quarterly magazine of the CQ world, it was a great honor for me to take  a place on its cover of  2012 spring issue. I spent long time to create it, but I enjoyed so much.

I always love to collect small charms, objects to use on my blocks, I’m a real keeper and my extensive travels helps me to find interesting items...But, I must admit that they are mostly for the important, future projects, like this one!!! I hope those important future projects will be realized soon to use some of all those collected goodies.

To play with all those beads, lovely threads, laces, buttons....covering all those assemble lines gives me a great joy, I may work for long hours...

3. Why do I create what I do?

Crazy quilting is a special love of mine, the answer to many interests. What other handcraft combines embroidery, sewing, beading, applique, laces, ribbons, buttons, painting, color designs, self expression so many things?  To top it off, its a little self indulgent with no function at all, other than to be beautiful and a little intriguing!
I love the outcome of a heavily embellished block with a theme...I love to create memory blocks to give presents and love to join RRs.

4. How does my creating process work?

To be honest, I mostly work on charity works and RRs....I must also admit that if I like a RR block at first sight I really don’t know where to stop, I keep continue to fill my part crazily...

In my CQ journey I’ve met lovely Ladies that they share same passionate interest,  so many wonderful friendships established from all over the world, their inspiring work influenced me to create my own style. I  love to share lovely ideas,  trading goodies from all over the world.  It is another wonderful part of the CQ’ing is different swaps. I joined so many different swaps, they helped me to build my extensive stash.

I try to see my projects’s final stage in my brain before the  beginning.  I mostly work on the different project in the same time. I spend long time my at my studio. 

But what I love most to do is to teach, share my experiences. There are so many CQ'er Ladies that  I have met over the years and the work they create is truly inspiring.

I think I told a lot about myself now I would like to introduce my nominatees;

Barbara Nicki Seavey, She has incredible imagination to create wonderful blocks, and she uses amazing laces dyed by herself. 

Wilma van Wagensveld, She is talented quilter from the Netherlands, I like her style so much.

I would like to thank Jenny once again for her kind invitation:)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Diva's Elegance DYD RR - My work on Fitzy's block

This time I've worked on a special block with a different concept. My RR partner lives in the Sonoran Desert, close to Tucson, Arizona. She likes keys, coins, tiny charms etc. and she would like to have retro style. Her explanations are so clear in her  RR note but I must admit that it is totally a different concept for me to create something with desert, cowboy town theme.
I 've picked one of block with a lovely print with Tucson cactus motif. I  did one of my favorite stitch with variegated color thread at the right side, added green color seed beads.
I did a Chevron stitch at left side using desert color thread, I added neat color beads as well
I used brass like small charms on the Fitzy's nice lace.  I added different keys to catch a different contrast, also did chain with neat metallic treads. 
I tried to remember all those cowboys films that I've watched, John Wayne, Lee Van Cleff were our childhood heros....A cowboy town without bar!!! I stitched a label, afterwords, remembered my small letter beads. I had a cowboy boot and small dollar baggie  charms in my stash, they were all perfect accessories...At last I added another small charms to create a sun according to my fantasy, my metallic Gutterman thread did good job for the sun shines. Due to very hot climate, everyone must wear a hat there, so I added a cap.  At last put a small heart shape charm, too.
I hope Fitzy likes what I did for her big wall hanger. I've never worked on a block with desert, cowboy theme before. I was so hesitant at the beginning, I didn't know what to do...But, after starting first seam treatment everything went so smoothly, I enjoyed to work on that block. I must create something for me too:))

Friday, September 12, 2014

Diva's Elegance DYB RR - My work on Claudia's block

Our "Diva's Elegance DYB-RR" runs smoothly. When I've received Claudia's blocks, I loved all of them, and decided to work on a block with mostly blue tones. I've started to make a Chevron stitch and adding sequin, bugles and seed beads to have an elegant look. Afterwords, I did my new type flower with bullion stitches, I added golden bugles and made other contrasts with beads.

 I added one of my favorite beaded  oya trim on the blue patch. I did a oya spray using contrast color tones of "Cimcime" models to catch a nice harmony on the main colors of the block. As I always say so, I like chain stitches on the assembly lines

 At the final, I've added one of my new oya, pear flower model at the bottom which made a nice appearance  with the fushia color patch at opposite side. 
A spray would be so lonely without butterflies, I added several charms, and beads as well. 
There are some RR blocks, you decide what to do at first sight, this block was one of them, I worked so easily and enjoyed so much while working on it.  I hope Claudia also likes what I did on her block. Now, waiting the arrival of another set.  
Happy stitching!

Friday, August 29, 2014

International Flags Project

I would like to give a brief info about Turkish flag before explaining the details of my own work which I’ve made it for the Crazy Quilting International groups’ international flags project.Turkey’s flag  is red color including  with white colors of crescent and a star moving centrally in front of the sun with reference to the meeting of the Turkic solar deity Gün Ana (Mother Sun) and the moon god Ay Ata (Father Moon) brought by the space god Khan Erklig . The event technically constitutes a solar eclipse when the moon partially occults the sun at times of syzygy. The flag is often called “Al bayrak “(the red flag) and referred to as “Al sancak”  (the red banner) in the  Turkish national anthem.
The current design of the Turkish flag is directly derived from the late Ottoman flag, which had acquired its final form in 1844. With 1923's Treaty of Lausanne, the Republic of Turkey was officially recognized throughout the world, and the flag of the Ottoman Empire became the flag of the Republic of Turkey.  Its measures have passed by a law during the Republic period on May 29, 1936 which formed the shapes and measures of the current flag of the Republic of Turkey.
In my 12x12” block I put red color patch in the middle of the block.  I used a silk print of our flag to have proper proportions for the star and crescent. I precisely appliqued them and covered with a chain stitch. 
 When I received  an invitation to join this project, I got so excited....I created a special thing in my mind at first moment... I should use only read&white colors...I should make long seam treatments, so, I prepared my block accordingly. I had fancy fabrics in my stash, both red and white colors, I combined them easily. Also I used various white laces....I selected a red&white beaded lace trim, it is totally handmade beaded form of our traditional oya laces.

After sewing silver star&crescent charms I decided to use only silver tones of metallic threads and other embellishments as well to catch an elegant look. I kept continued to make long seam treatments mostly using Herringbone and Chevron stitches....I like both stitches, they give wonderful alternatives to use sequins, beads, charms, etc.
had a miniature Maidens Tower charm in my stash. Maiden’s Tower is a symbol of Istanbul. The name `Maiden`s Tower` has its roots in the more popular story relating a maiden`s misfortune. According to this tale, a beautiful Byzantine princess was once quartered in this tower. It is said that soothsayers had predicted her early death by snakebite. Her father, Emperor Constantine who loved her dearly, built an extended castle  and placed her there to avert the fatal end. Eventually the girl died of snakebite, which entered the castle in a grape basket. The other story doing the rounds links it to the Leander-Hero romance and gives it the name Leander Tower. This tale tells that a castle was built on the present site by a Byzantine Emperor for his daughter Hero. When the Emperor learnt that his daughter had a love affair with a commoner named Leander, he imprisoned Hero in the castle. This could not dispirit Leander who, being of athletic-make, would cross Hellespont to see Hero. One stormy night he had no light to guide him and drowned. Hero, hearing of the mishap, flung herself into the sea.
I put this mentioned tower’s charm and did  waves using white seed beads and silver metallic thread. Added stars on the sky...Crazy quilters’ imagination is endless. 
In the Ottoman Empire, tulips played such an important role that the reign of Sultan Ahmed III (1703-1730) has been labeled the "Tulip Era". Ever since tulips are so important in our art world.  I created a special tulip like flower form with my own imagination. I used ellips, flat type pearls and made petals with silk ribbons. Ribbonsmyth’s un-dyed sheer silks helped me a lot to create them, thanks Vic, I love to use your ribbons and highly recommend them for new stash builders.
I believe that birds and butterflies are the symbols of freedom, I added them on my block as a symbol of our independence as well.

I used an old silver metallic thread to stitch my name and country name.  I like to use this thread because it gives an old, antique look. 
I made bullion stitches to make little flower flower form on the  red color buggles...Each of them has 18 and 20 wraps with cotton perle.  
This is the last photo that shows final stage of my block. It is already on its long way to reach Cathy Kizerian. It will take a place on a big wall hanger of the international flags project. I hope I'll be able to see it in person on next years retreat. 
Wishing a peaceful world  to you all....

Monday, August 11, 2014

Diva's Elegance DYB RR - My work on Gerry's block

 I'm glad that joined another RR with another talented ladies. Our group name is "Diva's Elegance", it is going to be a lovely RR with some old friends. 
It was pretty hard to make a selection among Gerry's wonderful blocks. I've picked this block with lovely red wine tones and pinkies.  Recently, I've seen a lovely seam treatment at somewhere, most probably it was at Pinterest, I did it with some additions with variegated ribbons I've found in my stash, and found another beaded lace trim as well, its border totally matched with the fabric, cream and olive green color flowers looked good. I kept sewing with my chain stitches  on some patches with metallic threads. 

Gerry is going to make a wall hanger with these RR blocks.. Its main piece is ready, it is mainly cream color, therefor I tried to have some cream color objects, one of them is an old vintage lace, I added small triangles on top and bottom with silk thread and put pearls.

 I added some SRE. I used sequins, seeds beads, charms. It was really nice to work on her block with silk fabrics...I mostly prefer fancy, solid fabrics to work for but this block was nice to play with nice fabrics and bright colors.
It will start its long trip to the US tomorrow morning, I hope Gerry likes what I've done on her block. 
Now, I'm waiting another block to play in these hottest days of the summer.

Friday, August 8, 2014

My new toys:))

I've already share my new toys through my FB  I also would like to share here as well with more details.
Most of the stores closes at 18:00 p.m. in Tallinn. There were too many souvenir shops, had to wait till  next morning to visit them. I found a pin cushion with a small arm chair model. When I saw this little thing on the stores' window, I fall in love.

It is so pretty with its small pillow lace thrower!

 Also, it is so useful for this special place for the buttons, pins etc.

It has special place at back for the scissor, too.
I also found a store in Tallin which was selling knitting materials, especially its yarn section was so rich but I noticed that most of the yarns were "made in Turkey" :))

I didn't have any extra time visit Haberdashery section of  the big dept stores to search if they sell embellishments, special threads, trims, etc....
When we were touring in the Porvoo, Finland, I recognized a fantastic store, Riimikko in the old town ! It was selling miniature homes and their accessories...Is there any othre interesting place for a CQ'er??? 

 This small street has lots of lovely stores other than my paradise Riimikko, cafes, restaurants.... 

This lovely place serve delicious food with its friendly stuff

My new tiny mini goodies! I didn't have iron, glad I have it now:))
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Riimikko, was a  paradise for me with lots of goodies. I just bought small items with sewing theme...Otherwise, I could spend even last coin my pocket!

Tallinn, Estonia notes -

So high high temperature and high humidity shocked us when we arrived Tallinn. We preferred to stay in the dark shady garden of our hotel. Side dishes of small potato  balls&cheese sauce and Estonian cheese&cranberry sauce were very good with cold beers!
Those grated cheeses were different than standard  package Horeca cheeses, most probably it was a good quality cheese, just grated  and sprinkled before they serve the plate.

 My choice of fish was OK, those pumpkin seeds were nice additions, I couldn't figure out if they browned in the butter or olive oil....maybe sesame oil!...

My husband's choice was rein-deer! But he didn't like that cinnamon covered baked apple and its filling...It was looking so good but  its taste was too sweet and spicy for us.

Helsinki Notes - where to eat!

We just came back another trip. Our  short trip covered Finland and Estonia this time, I would like to share some nice places that we had nice food.

Our first stop was at Sundmans restaurant at Eteläranta 16, Helsinki, it is well known, famous place since 1817,  so close to Helsinki port. Its quality and ambiance is so nice but prices are extremely high if we have compare to other countries.
Another nice restaurant in Helsinki was Salve at Hietalahdenranta 11,  which was so close to our hotel. Our timing was perfect to find last available table  afterwords, people had to wait long time at the door.  I liked cozy atmosphere, so many nice paintings, accessories make place so nice.....I believe that it must be always fully booked during  winter time as well, it looks really a nice place for the dark and cold days. We really had delicious food with a reasonable price, the stuff was so friendly, service was so speedy.

Madama Krug is another nice place that we had dinner.
We also visited Porvoo in Finland, it is a small, cute town, almost one hour drive from Helsinki by bus. We had nice meal at the terrace of Wanha Laamanni, it is an old restaurant in the old town. It has rich Scandinavian menu but I prefer just an antre with beer. Enjoyed it. Its indoor place looks so nice and elegant, it also must be perfect place for the dark and long winter days.
Madama Krug  was one of good choice at nice outdoor place for us, the weather was extremely hot during our entire trip, it is so normal that most places do not have air conditioning due to their normal weather conditions. But, most probably they should (have to) have A/Cs on the coming years, it seems that it is going to be a must with these weather conditions.
My choice of white fish was really good. According to my observations local people likes sweet peas so much, sweet peas and asparagus with a nice sause under the fish was really good. 

I think, this photo is enough to tell how much I enjoyed it... The cake was super without sugar, bitter chocolate, berries and vanilla ice cream and double espresso cafe...
Another thing I would like to share about coffee!...when I said Cafe Americano, they served me espresso. I love espresso but when I wanted to have a big mug of coffee while resting after long walking in the city...After two different experiences, I said "Filter Cafe" and had a big mug of coffee.

Vintage Victorian DYB RR My work on Melody's block

So we came to end of another RR, Melody's blocks is ready to start its long journey. When I started to work on her block, I thought turquoise tones will be perfect and I selected turquoise tone embellishments from my stash. After adding beaded oya lace I made  a seam treatment using turquoise color sequins, almost same color of metallic thread and seed beads made a good contrast. A stiff beige color oya also looked nice with some pearls.
 I added a wide vintage lace on the dark green patch, to catch a harmony with  opposite beige patch, I did chain stitch with Guttermann golden metallic thread as a border at the bottom, I added some SRE with neat colors.  
I also made seam  treatments at the both sided of the silk print, I used variegated color thread at right side, I did chain stitch first than added lazy daisies, it matched with the main color colors of the fabric so well, soft blue color pearls, too. I used silk thread at the opposite and added turquoise color Swarovski beads.  I also used some golden color small charms on the block.  At left bottom,  one of my favorite organdy ribbon looked pretty after making frills and flat oyas. I hope Melody likes what I did on her block. It was so lovely to stitch with Vintage, Victorian DYB RR group, I hope to stitch with them again.
It is time to start to work on another project soon.