Friday, March 21, 2014

Victorian Vintage DYB RR- My work on Tahlia's block

 2014 year started with different activities for me, one of them is a new RR, Vintage Victorian theme DYB RR. 
I've worked on Tahlia'a block which was designed as real vintage blocks and special fabrics. If fabrics are nice and soft to work on it is easy. I started to make my favorite big lazy daisy, afterwords I kept continue to embroider a fan and spider web. I used swarovski crystal beads to make spider, it is my new creation:))  Tahlia's biggest main parch is a soft silk fabric with olive green color. I tried to use my all vintage cotton threads with same color to make seam treatments . I also used olive green color silk ribbons to make little leaves....Upon her request I added my name and country and of course some oyas. 
I was hesitant what to do at the begining because I usually work on only solid fabrics, when I have blocks with different designs, different motifs, I scare to lose control of color harmony. I guess, I didn't exaggerate my work and catched a harmony, I hope she likes what I've done. Now, I'm waiting another block to play.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Wonderful Napoli visit!

Some of my followers know that I love to travel and I try to organize short escapes whenever I can. Last week we did one of them with my daughter. We went to NAPLES, my lovely city bella Napoli. I've spent  two years there in my youth, it is always special place for me with wonderful memories.  Several years ago I went there for a short trip. We went to Italy many times, even though Rome but we couldn't manage to go to Napoli before. Our Turkish Airlines started direct flights, it only takes one hour and 45 minutes to go there from Istanbul. So, it is so easy for us to reach there with a direct flight from now on.
Our hotel  Carafa di Maddaloni was fantastic place from 16th century, it was in the renovation but we didn't care about it. All hospitality of the owner and his children were impressive.
The location of the hotel is perfect, in Napoli's Spaccanapoli quarter and so close to Dante Metro station. All rooms have double glazing windows, we didn't care about the traffic noisy of the street.  If you go to Italy you should know about Vespa motorcycles' noise and traffic never ends and especially if you're staying somewhere located on the main roads.
Our room was fantastic with its decoration with amazing  baroque vintage furnitures  and small details that I loved.  I've never stayed in a hotel room before which had a piano. It was a classic Russian piano...lovely crocheted doilies on the night stands and piano were so nice details to feel yourself in a cozy but elegant atmosphere other than a standard hotel room.

I recommend this lovely place for those who would like to have a real Italian atmosphere in the Napoli with an Italian family.
Sinyor Antonio and his children' were the key points of our visit, we enjoyed so much to know them. We started to plan another trip to stay there longer.
I also would like to state wonderful ceramic bathroom set in our room, they were looking like capodimontes, they were really reflecting Italian style beauty of old eras, I didn't ask but most probably they were original equipment of the building, kept well till today.

The main door of the Palaca are closed at eight o'clock at nights as all other parts of the Europe, we were entering with our own keys like our own home in Italy, it was a super experience to breath real Napoletan living style.
A few years ago we stayed at Gladiatori apartment in Vatican, it was another wonderful place to stay in Rome, Italy. It was an amazing place to stay with its decoration, wonderful vintage furnitures and to many special details.
As you all know, some hotels which they have lots of stars, they serve very limited breakfast and they use cheap plates and other equipments...even though some of them use disposal plastic things...To have my coffee with a doily on the silver tray was so chic at Carafa di Maddaloni.  May be it is so small detail but I'm extensively traveled person, after so many experiences all over the Europe it is so important for me.
To visit Naples after a long time was great and my daughter's choice for Carafa di Maddaloni was another great chance to make our trip pleasant.
I never like to exaggerate my likes but all those hospitality was really impressive, if I go Naples again no doubt I'll stay in that lovely place.

Happy Valentine!

                              Wishing a wonderful Valentine Day!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Camera problem:((

It is another cold and gray day here in Istanbul....
I  completed a few CQ blocks, I was planning to take their photos in day light to upload here but  my camera doesn't work!!! It seems that there is a problem on its battery lid, I have to wait consultation of my husband tonight!
I like to take photos in day light with my Fuji, I don't like the performance of small Olympus, by the way, I must admit that I don't know well how to use it. I also don't use cellular phone to take photo...I'm a typical technological impaired person:(
We decided with one of my stitcher friend to embellish our eachother's blocks. I've already created a 12"X12 block with my favorite mostly blue tones, she is also a blue color lover like me, I hope she'll enjoys my block and works easily on it. Now, I'm waiting the arrival of her block to embellish.
I hope my husband solves my current camera problem this weekend, I start to share new block photos.
It is tea time for me, with a small piece of apple pie.

Monday, January 6, 2014

New online class, the road to my house!

Beautiful  Holiday Season  is over and we started to second week of 2014. I hope 2014 bring good things to each of us.
I bought a New Year gift for myself, it is a free motion stitching online class. I'll use dried tea-bags as a base to create a wall hanger. I started collect dried tea bags to get started....We're a coffee lover  family, therefor our daily tea bag usage is limited:((  It seems that my class material preparation will take time. I'm so excited to get started, hope I'll share photos of my new project soon. To work on a different style other than crazy quilting will be interesting.
Wishing you all a creative New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Last swap baggie of 2013:))

I received a full  box of embellishments from my dear quilter friend Lydia. Its timing also was perfect:)) All those wonderful trims, buttons, threads, beads, fancy fabrics are so beautiful.
I especially took close-up photo of those lovely vintage  buttons and glasslamp work buttons. I  decided to add them onto my an old  block with nautical theme. 
I liked this cute tatted heart motif so much, it looks so pretty.  Gosh, there are so many things that I loved, I must sit and start to work  and use them. 
This kind of swaps are so nice, I love to pick-up and select original things for my swap partners and of course to receive baggies with full of wonderful items is a different happiness for a quilter. Special thanks for Lydia, her goodies came just before Santa:)))

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas day

Wishing a very special Christmas with all your loved ones.......
May your Christmas be glorious.....

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Party!

I'm ready to have a cup of hot vine! Waiting arrival of my DH, he is at abroad coming back soon. 
Our mugs are ready to have delicious hot vine, I brought from Germany, its wonderful smell always invitable for me;-)) 
Those little clips on the mugs are my new goodies:)) They are so useful for people to notice their own mugs, glasses during the party. I wanted to place my old candles on the table this year. Those, big and small candles are from my first Oberemmargau visit of 1975. Yes, they are 38 years old, they are handmade items that I've never used and never will be used, if I don't have to. As I always say so, I'm a keeper, if I like something much I never use it. A real crazy quilter approach, isn't it???? :))))
I couldn't get photos without flash, therefor colors are so bright, sorry! Photos don't justice soft colors, cozy atmosphere of my home.
When we were visiting Mustard Museum  (Senf Museum)in Koln, Germany, I saw something for sale in a corner. There was a label of 1Euro in front of this cute angel.  You can notice its burned small candle....I wonder where it was, who use it before? I hope that little angel brings my home more happiness with its light.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas tree, peaceful, cozy home with cats

These are special days  to spend time by the light of the wonderful Christmas trees.It's such a peaceful time also effects my lovely boys, they love to sleep in this peaceful situation.   
My tree is an artificial one, I don't like to buy natural tree because we live in an apartment building, I don't have a garden to plant it after Christmas. At least I can save a small tree each year;-) 
I had many vintage ornaments but I'm so sad that nearly a dozen of them broken a few years ago. Now, I keep precisely rest of them.  I remember all those old ornaments of my childhood, each of them had another beauty, they were so fragile but they were wonderful. 

There was a small shop where my grandma was living. I never forget those lovely Christmas decorations of that shop.  In those years there were no sprays, etc to make snow on to windows, the shop owners were making snow images with cottons! Also, they were also selling lovely colognes, I still remember the lovely smell of that small shop. In addition, our small escapes with my gradma, we were visiting that shop, she was buying her needs and of course something for me:) By the way, I must add that my grandma was a super talented Lady, a master quilter, crocheter, knitter. I've learned how to stitch and knit from her...RIP...I miss her a lot... Today we have so many lovely things but "those were the days" so different, are you agree with me???

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas decorations, my lovely cherubs

It is another beautiful time of the year.  I just realized that I didn't share my small happinesses!!! I neglected to take photos of some of my new goodies that I've bought them at my recent trips and I want to share photos of my other pieces that I like  them . I love to collect small objects, especially cherubs from different places. These are from Germany, close-up photo at below show them more better. My new new embroidered table cloth is from Austria. I love Austrian and German handmade embroidery table cloths. But, I must tell you that they are so rare now, most probably they are unable to compete with cheap far east products. So sad that, most probably we won't be able to find handmade items at near future.
This little bell is my daughter's gift, she've brought it from Netherland last year. It is one of my treasure piece.  I love all Villeroy&Boch winter theme products. But, this bell is so precious for me because it is my daughter's gift.
The other cherubs at my chandelier are from Kathe Wohlfahrt. I'm so glad that I've visited its all stores at different places in Germany. They carry amazing Christmas ormanents. Those Rafael figures at my chandelier are from Kathe, too. Its Christmas Museum at Rotthenburg is amazing, it is worth to visit, indeed.
This handmade glass ornament is from Innsbruck, Austria. Our naughty cat broken old ornaments. During our trip in this fall, I went to same place to buy new ones for my daughter who really saddened so much when they were broken. It was shock!!!So sad that there was new store at the same place which was carrying so simple things, cheap far east products.  Coincidentally I found a few old products at another store. We must keep them carefully.
These are my other cherubs and some Capodimontes.  That tea set was given to my parents as a present when they got married at 1957, I'm so glad that my Mam gave it to me when I got married at 1983. I must admit that I don't use it, I prefer to display safely:))  I love capodimontes, I wish I could win a lottery one day, I spend at least its half to buy Capodimontes and Reutter Porzellan....and, of course I spend money to buy embellishments for my passionate interest, Crazy Quilting:))
 I was so lucky this year. During our visit to my dream place Oberemmergau, Kathe had sale. I just paid only 5.00 Euro for that trinket with heart, its candle included as well. Isn't it a good price??? Now, I have a small set.
Season's greetings.....

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa brought chocolates!

I've visit Lindt Chocolate Museum during our Koln, Germany trip. I'm so glad that I got a chance to find something special related with Christmas in the last week of October. But, I must admit that I had a big disappointment while drinking hot chocolate there. 
They have a nice Cafe with wonderful view and  they serve delicious cakes. I was expecting to have delicious bitter hot chocolate but they served something like just a standard Nesquick:(  It was really disappointment for me in that cold day!
However, it is a nice place to visit if you have plenty of time when visiting Koln, Cologna in Germany.  
 Guess what, those little chocolate boxes are going to be  my new needle boxes;-))
I wish I could be there now adays...I'm sure that they have more and more new chocolates with Season's theme. Maybe they started to serve bitter hot chocolate as well during this time of the year when it is so cold.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Little Heart with Victorian Colors!

I completed a this heart for my CQ'er friend Lydia.  I made 7x7" block heart to have more area to embellish, I didn't make complicated patches so I applied seam treatments and SRE work more easily. I used Victorian colors and selected neat color, small size oyas.
 I love to work when I have all neat color embellishments.
My new favorite colors is Nile green, it seems that I'll be using this pale colors too much at my future projects. This small block is now on its way to Iowa. I hope it arrives there safely. Wishing a pleasant Sunday......

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It is another gray and rainy day here. I shared this cozy, lovely photo on to my FB as well. I want to repeat that I want to be at that cozy and serene place:)))

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sad experience with toxic POINSETTIA!

Poinsettia is one of my favorite plant that I always have it at my home but I never knew that it is a toxic plant for cats.
Our lovely boy’s weight loss was so obvious, he was so quiet and always coming to my nap, looking my eyes.  We decided to take him Vet to ask about his weight loss. Same day he started to vomit in the morning. Unfortunately our Vet couldn’t understand the real reason of vomiting for five days. We’re going to Vet twice for IV to avoid his dehydration but after when we come back home he was looking so bad, starting vomiting, refusing to eat even his favorite foods such as tuna fish or shrimps. Our game player cutty was going to under the coaches, behind the curtains. His appearance was getting worst each day. Vet did all blood tests including lykemia, cats HIV etc, US as well. Our poor boys shaved tummy for US was another trauma for him. We were so sad, trying to figure out what to do, the place we took him is one of the biggest Vet Hospital in the city, what we could do more? 5th day, mid night his started to take breath hard, my DH had to take him Vet Hospital at mid night at 01:30 am. They came back in a several hours but his condition wasn’t well.
I’ve met with a young lady at my hair dresser some time ago, who is a Vet we chat about cats and cat pansion possibilities during our vacations.  I had her name card. I called her and explained my boy’s current situation. She canceled routine appointments to accept us. She found that he had so high fever and started questions. Her 3rd question was”Did he eat any plants?”.  I said, as far as I remember he broke a bunch of poinsietta and bite some leaves of it. She opened a related link at her computer to show me toxic plants page, all symptoms were same with Babig’s. We had wasted five days back and forth to Vet. Hospital, only dehydration and stomach support were applied him.Many secondary effects  as intestinal and blood cells disregarded. Gosh, the milk sap of the poinsettia is fatal for cats....How come I didn’t know it? We could lose our little boy!
Vet Lady started to apply proper meds, we’re going to Clinique each day...It is just a small Clinique not open 24 hours like the other one.
Second week his blood level came more critical, he was unable to produce red blood cells due to marrow bone blood cells production ability.  The only solution should be blood transfussion. But there is no blood bank for cats. Where we should get safe blood for him?  Our second boy’s blood group checked, when we learned that he was same blood group, we cheered all together. Same night he saved his brother’s life with his blood. After anestesia he was sleeping like an angel and we were waiting crazily to see the result if "Babig" will accept the blood.
My DH and DD were holding his paws during transfussion period.  I’ll never forget his eyes which was looking at us as saying “don’t leave mei save me!”.
Whole night we waited but glad that he never vomited but diare continued. Next day, his blood level wasn’t excellent but it was good news for the new blood cell production. After 2 days  it reached to acceptable level.  His front paws were so sensitive after all those IV, we had to use his back paw to take blood. It wasn’t so so easy for him. When we saw the result, Vet, her assistant and I hughed each other with a great happiness, we’ve  never gave up, did every possible thing to save him. 
His dehydration continued for a while, she kept giving him IV.  Afterwords his controls turned to weekly period and afterwords monthly basis. But, we still control his feces, give him special food and he sleeps with us.
I have  an unbeliavable relation with him.  Whenever he feels weak, comes to me and lean his head on to my nest.  Still his both front paws must be painful because of pet angio, in addition, I forgot how many injections he had to have, too.
I’m grateful that I coincidentally met with a Vet Lady and she saved our boy’life with her knowledge and experience. We really appreciate her and her assistant.

Now, we don’t have any indoor plants at home other than some pottet things at the terrace.  We had a serious experience, I hope no one have same thing.  I wanted to share our sad but happy end story before Christmas time. I’m sure there must be cat lovers who doesn’t know toxic effects of poinsettia for their cats. As I told you before, I hope no one have toxic poinsettia problem for their cats during the wonderful time of the year.

Friday, March 15, 2013

DYB Victorian Ladies RR, my work on Lisa's block

So, we came to end of to another RR, I worked on Lisa's block that was the last one to complete Victorian RR. Upon her demand I used my oyas. 
I crocheted a small basket, used varigated color rig-rig ribbon as its holder to catch a color harmony with the opposite side. Small Nile green color butterflies Lisa's own embellishments. I added a bracelet on the hand motif charm:)) The sead beads I've used almost same color with the main fabric color. I used same color silk ribbons at top to create a small spray, added small butterfly charms.
My new small type violets looked pretty at left top side, as seen I made seam treatments and used beaded oya laces.
This photo shows my whole work on the block. It was a very nice RR with lots of old stitching friends, Hideko, Cathy, Gary, Connie and Lisa thank you very much, I enjoyed to stitch with you all together, I hope we come together in another RR soon.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A surprise baggie arrived!

What is a real surprise for a Crazy Quilting lover???  I'm sure that most of you understands my feelings when I received a lovely baggie with full of lovely items from dear friend Gerry. She is my DYB RR partner, it was so lovely to be able to stitch with her as the other group members. I liked some charms on a RR block that she worked....she sent me lots of them, appreciated indeed. I don't have enough word to explain my happiness now. I opened this lovely box with a big grin on my face and got impressed when I saw all those wonderful charms and other stuff she sent me. Thanks so much for her thoughtfulness and generosity. 
Also, the arrival time of  this lovely box with full of embellishments is perfect, Mar.8, 2013. It is women day, I wish peaceful world to all humanhood!

Friday, January 25, 2013

DYB -RR/Victorian Ladies, Cmy work on Connie's block

My first CQ work of 2013 started with a lovely job.  I started to work on Connie's lovely block, DYB-RR/Victorian Ladies. She is going to make a big circular quilt with wonderful six pieces of blocks, I chose one of them and started to embellish. The rest of the other blocks have turquoise colors like this one I've worked. 
 This close-up photo shows details of my work, 
I 'm glad that I had so neat color of silk ribbons and beads in my stash. This seam treatment with beaded frills looked so pretty, I hope Connie also likes what I've done. I did almost same kind of application at a previous RR block however I wanted to apply same work here on the dark part of the block. The outcome is nice for me, do you agree with me??? I used various bugles, sead beads, pearls and some Swarovski crystals....
This is another photo shows whole block and shows little hat that I crocheted. It is one of the smallest hat I've crocheted, I thought a standard one should be really big on the block, so this tiny mini one is big enough on the block.
I like to use chain stitches to define assembly lines and I usually prefer metallic threads such as Kreinik or Gutterman brands. One of my favorite varigeated Gutterman thread did great job on the turquoise patch (at left side of the block).  Tulip form little charm was waiting to be used for a long time, it found its place now...
Some buddies do not like sequins but I love to use them if I have neat colors.  
So, I completed my work on Connie's block, its on its long way to Lisa. We  almost came to end of the RR, I'm waiting last block from Hideko.  Happy stitching to you all...... 

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Best wishes for health, wealth and happiness for 2013...I wish 2013 bring good things, especially peace....because, our old world needs peace so much!