Friday, June 20, 2014

Vintage Victorian DYB RR - My work on Darlene's block

These blocks were so interesting for me. Because all those lovely blocks had been based for the characters of  the PBS show Downton Abbey which I didn't have any idea about it! Glad that there were nice details related with character in the RR booklet. 

I just used gray, black and white color threads for the seam treatments. I used bugles, sequins, small silver charms and various types of pearls on the seam treatments. I thought to make a white rose spray on the black patch but it has tiny mini sequins on itself, therefor I left it as itself, I worked more on the top and bottom sides. 
As I always say so, I like to make chain stitches on the small blocks like this one. I believe that chain sttiches shows seam treatments better.
 I've added a small parasol and silver handbag charm. In this RR we stitched our names, as well. 

I tried to catch an elegant look with contrasts with same colors....Silver embellishments looked nice to me with all those base colors. As I told at the begining, I've start with no idea with her PBS show concept, I tried to create an elegant, rich apperance with beads, pearls, etc.. I hope Darlene likes what I did...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Modern Parasols

As you know I love everyhting Victorian... Parasols are so important accessories of Victorian era. When I saw these summer umbrellas at Taormina, Sicily I loved them.
 But, I must admit that first off all my husband and our friends started to joking me...So, I didn't buy even one piece as a decorative object for my studio!!! 

By the way, they weren't  super quality items, and, the most important thing that  I know I should never wear them at the outside as a sun screen but at least one of them could be very nice decoration. I blame myself once again, because I always do same thing at our trips, I don't buy things that I like and than I get sorry!

Vintage Victorian DYB RR - My work on Alice's block

I've started to work on Alice's colorful block before our trip. Unfortunately I couldn't finish it as I planned before our departure, I would like to repeat  my thanks to RR group members for their understanding.
 I started my work with making a mimosa spray on the wine color patch which made an excellent color mix with the top yellow patch. I used small golden charms with green seed beads,  their combo  looked pretty. As my CQ buddies and followers know, I like to use chain stitch very much, I like its lovely appearence on the patches and it provides a great background to create new seam treatments easily.
 My RR partners like me to use oyas, I keep use diffferent oya models on each block as much as I can. I prefer small types otherwise in these 6X6" small blocks I can lose control of embellishment harmony.  I used green bugles under the silk print and did bullion sttiches with yellow silk threads, 14-16 wraps with one ply thread.  I embroidered my name on this block with metallic thread. 

The silk print of the block is black&white. I just added Swarovsky crystal beads as Victorian Lady's necklace to catch nice harmony with main patch's  lovely wine color tone. I hope Alice likes what I've done on her block. We're coming to end of another RR, I'll have just two more blocks to play with.  Happy stitching.....

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sicily, different tastes

We're just back from Sicilia, during our overloaded program I couldn't get a chance for blogging daily but I would like to share some key points from our lovely trip.
Our first stay was at the Messina, heavy showers didn't let us to visit city as we wish. But, found proper places to taste real Sicilian cuisine. By the way, we always try local places instead of famous, touristic-trendly places. Because, you never get real tastes other than shows when you believe their “welcome-welcomes” in the city centers!
Osteria del Campanile was a perfect choice for us after a long day, delicious food and great taste of  wine was good enough to make make us happy.
Del Campanile in this nice street

I strongly recommend this ristorante-pizzeria who should visit to Messina. Its local, foods, wines are really good.
Siracuse was another lovely destination for us, a quiet, lovely place. I must admit that I didn't know that Archimides from there!
There were so many nice places to have dinner to taste local tastes but most of them were fullybooked, we found a nice restraurant after long trials about 21.30 pm. It is a normal time for Italians to have dinner but we don't prefer it much.
Mostly, all cities have a via Roma, Siracusa have one too. We noticed a nice restraurant there, “a putia”! It was really nice with  their staff and their elegant service. Delicious food and good quality of wine was great. Another interesting thing there was to meet with a Lady from Melbourne, Australia. Her company was lovely, we chat till late hours....Wishing her to meet her again, the world is not big that much, just plan and realize trips!
I also would like to mention about “Perbacco”, at Siracusa, Sicily. It is another good restaurant to taste all local foods, but always pre-reservation needed.
If you ask me what was the main place you liked most in Sicilia, I should say, franly, it is Taormina! Yes, it is a real lovely place that we spend two days, I wish we could stay there more...Those colors, smells, tastes of Italy are so much different, here is the same, too. Its narrow streets, lovely balconies with wonderful flowers, incredible begonvilles at everywhere, delicious foods&wines are enough make you feel great. It was raining when we arrived there, but right after we parked our car, sun started to shine, a lovely breeze cleaned the sky. Amazing Mediterrenian costs were so quiet, I guees, water is still cold, and due to raining nobody goes to shores to swim at the moment. Most probably, those beautiful cost should be so crowded on the coming days.
le alici a beccofico, delicious sardanie!

 Entrance of the La Dracena
In Taormina, we had lunch at La Dracena, twice. It is a family place, they serve really good  local tastes. It is so obvious that I’ll never forget  the taste of“le alici a beccofico”, sardine fish could be  delicious like this!
I strongly recommend you this lovely ristorante La Dracena, if you visit Taormina. It is at the end of a narrow street callad Vico Sacramento. Its perfect place to take a break during a hot summer day. Its lovely garden with wonderrful colors of flowers, begonvilles, friendly stuff with smiling faces, delicious food and cold beer or white wine....I guess, it is enough....nothing more to explain.
Another real Sicilian ristorante I want to suggest you in Palermo, “le Delizie diCagliostro”.. It also serves whole local tastes. I’ve had there only pizza but it was really good.
At our last night we made a final at Catania!  We found “Taverna dei Conti” at via Oberdan. A Sicilian family runs the place since 1964. Their mother sits and watches everythings. It was so obvious that restaurant is under the control of her.  Their open buffet section was super, we couldn’t decide what to select. Main courses also were superior. This pre-reservation needed place definately is worth to try when you visit Catania.

Sicily  tour was in our wish list for a long time, we’re so glad that we completed with it great happiness, visited amazing historical cities, tasted delicious foods and wines, met with wonderful people. I believe that it wasn’t enough time to conquer all those beauties of the island in a such short time, most probably we repeat our visit once again at near future.
I decided to take more meal photos to share for the coming trips:)))

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Victorian Vintage DYB RR - My work on Kristie's block

I just completed my work on another RR block. It was Kristie's lovely block with a silk cat print on it. The bottom left side of the block is a vintage hankie, I didn't want to do overdo on the hankie. She had been folded hankie as a triangle, I started with one of my favorite seam treatment on the hypotenuse side of the triangle and added small pearls at the other edges. I found an old narrow trim that I've dyed it several years ago with some ribbons as well, I added it on to Kristie's own lace. Its color matched with the bottom salmon color fabric patch. I kept continued with other seam treatments. I used various bugles, sead beads. I added an old silver cat charm, another RR participant had been embroidered almost same figure.  I added oyas upon Kristie's demand,  my selections are small, stiff models with neat colors to her block. I hope she likes what I did.
At last I added  some charms that they are bees, butterflies and some glass beads. The ribbon of my small SRE is from Ribbonsmyth. I've dyed it with Tang long time ago, its performance is still super. 
AS I always say so, block making is my weak point. When I get lovely blocks I love to embellish them, I hope Kristie should like what I've done on her block.
Happy stitching......

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My new Czech buttons!

During our recent trip, we visited Czechoslavakia too Other thatn visitn an amazing city, my main was purpose to find Czech buttons as being a real keeper Crazy Quilter!
I didn't have long time to search info where to find Czech button sellers in Prague, I just found one place after my online searches. I also asked at the hotel, but front desk responsible Lady didn't have any information about their famous buttons, however she brought me some information next day which was the same place I've found. Most probally she found same info at internet:)
It was around 16 degrees santigrade when we left Istanbul, Prague's bitter cold and constant raining didn't let us to tour first day, we just hang around the hotel, had delicious food.
Anyway, in our second day, sun started to shine and we had a chance to walk  from Charles Bridge area to Namesti Republiky 1 to find OC Paladium which is very nice shopping mall with full of famous and expensive brand stores.  After a small search we found , Filium but I must admit that it was a real disappointment for me, it is a big quilt store, carrying good brands of goodies but only  half wall of the back side of the store belongs to buttons section. There were only 4-5 models of real Czhec buttons we got used to know, the rest of the buttons were plastic!  I selected only three tubes of three models went to the cash-desk.  I bought all three  buttons of three models, I hope they had more stock refill those tubes after my purchase.
 These were the only elegant model of buttons! They are polished dark green glass beads.
 These cute clock type buttons are 1 and 2 santimeter-small types, I was searching clock type buttons sometime ago, glad they will find their places soon on a wallhanger.

So, these are all what I found in Prague but it is better than nothing!
I found a factory address  before we went to Prague but it was impossible to go there with our limited time. Maybe I couldn't find what expected but at least I know a nice quilt store at Prague now.
By the way, there were crystal bead skeins with lovely color tones at all souvenoir shops but I was warned about cheap far east glass beads.
Our bead stores here in Istanbul carry all kind of Swarovski beads, no need to buy them anymore with paying different money currency.  Because, most of the Czech stores accepts only their own currency, no Euro no credit cards!
So, it was a nice trip to an amazing city, maybe I couldn't find my expectations for the Czech buttons but to visit Prague was so nice at all....No problem, I'll keep searching to find interesting buttons via Etsy, e-bay again.

Our fantastic trip to Postdam

We had a short escape with my husband last month, it was a radical decision, we got set in a few days and flied to Germany.  We toured many places in a short time but we really enjoyed our time even tough the weather conditions were tough...constant rain and cold...
Unfortunately my Fuji camera have a serious problem with its battery section, I had to use an another camera during this trip, I took many photos but I must admit that I had to struggle and, most of the photos had to be deleted. Anyway, I'll start to share some wonderful vintage furniture photos from a boutique hotel we've stayed in Postdam, Germany. The building was also older than an era, gorgeous interior designs. 
 If anyone ever played Yoville game at Facebook should remember Victorian homes, furnitures.... I enjoyed to play that game for a long time, to select wonderful furnitures to decoarate my syber home was an addiction. when I entered the inside of the hotel, I  thought I was at my syber home with a grin on my chin:)) Really, this hotel was just like a dream for me with its all fantastic vintage style. 
 Its breakfast room has another beauty.
Just small touches but looks  nice.
 I never think a place without books! 
 Very nice designed  a staircase.
 This black cat is the mascot of the hotel:))

 The photo of Queen Lousia of Prussia on the wall.  I wish I could see those days elegant life style there.
 The doors of the rooms are opened to hallways, you see those wonderful huge mirrors.
 These must be original glass details of the home, I didn't ask but it is so obvious.
 The breakfast was super. No comparison with some other well known hotels...
 Hotel staff was also so friendly.
 Our room was big enough with its nice furnitures and nice garden view as well. These kind of boutique hotels are always my favorites in Germany, they give super service with reasonable prices. Most important another thing  that we love to live in a different atmosphere with full of history. If you plan to go to Postdam, look up Postdam Pansion first if they have vacant room.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Victorian Vintage DYB RR- My work on Tahlia's block

 2014 year started with different activities for me, one of them is a new RR, Vintage Victorian theme DYB RR. 
I've worked on Tahlia'a block which was designed as real vintage blocks and special fabrics. If fabrics are nice and soft to work on it is easy. I started to make my favorite big lazy daisy, afterwords I kept continue to embroider a fan and spider web. I used swarovski crystal beads to make spider, it is my new creation:))  Tahlia's biggest main parch is a soft silk fabric with olive green color. I tried to use my all vintage cotton threads with same color to make seam treatments . I also used olive green color silk ribbons to make little leaves....Upon her request I added my name and country and of course some oyas. 
I was hesitant what to do at the begining because I usually work on only solid fabrics, when I have blocks with different designs, different motifs, I scare to lose control of color harmony. I guess, I didn't exaggerate my work and catched a harmony, I hope she likes what I've done. Now, I'm waiting another block to play.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Wonderful Napoli visit!

Some of my followers know that I love to travel and I try to organize short escapes whenever I can. Last week we did one of them with my daughter. We went to NAPLES, my lovely city bella Napoli. I've spent  two years there in my youth, it is always special place for me with wonderful memories.  Several years ago I went there for a short trip. We went to Italy many times, even though Rome but we couldn't manage to go to Napoli before. Our Turkish Airlines started direct flights, it only takes one hour and 45 minutes to go there from Istanbul. So, it is so easy for us to reach there with a direct flight from now on.
Our hotel  Carafa di Maddaloni was fantastic place from 16th century, it was in the renovation but we didn't care about it. All hospitality of the owner and his children were impressive.
The location of the hotel is perfect, in Napoli's Spaccanapoli quarter and so close to Dante Metro station. All rooms have double glazing windows, we didn't care about the traffic noisy of the street.  If you go to Italy you should know about Vespa motorcycles' noise and traffic never ends and especially if you're staying somewhere located on the main roads.
Our room was fantastic with its decoration with amazing  baroque vintage furnitures  and small details that I loved.  I've never stayed in a hotel room before which had a piano. It was a classic Russian piano...lovely crocheted doilies on the night stands and piano were so nice details to feel yourself in a cozy but elegant atmosphere other than a standard hotel room.

I recommend this lovely place for those who would like to have a real Italian atmosphere in the Napoli with an Italian family.
Sinyor Antonio and his children' were the key points of our visit, we enjoyed so much to know them. We started to plan another trip to stay there longer.
I also would like to state wonderful ceramic bathroom set in our room, they were looking like capodimontes, they were really reflecting Italian style beauty of old eras, I didn't ask but most probably they were original equipment of the building, kept well till today.

The main door of the Palaca are closed at eight o'clock at nights as all other parts of the Europe, we were entering with our own keys like our own home in Italy, it was a super experience to breath real Napoletan living style.
A few years ago we stayed at Gladiatori apartment in Vatican, it was another wonderful place to stay in Rome, Italy. It was an amazing place to stay with its decoration, wonderful vintage furnitures and to many special details.
As you all know, some hotels which they have lots of stars, they serve very limited breakfast and they use cheap plates and other equipments...even though some of them use disposal plastic things...To have my coffee with a doily on the silver tray was so chic at Carafa di Maddaloni.  May be it is so small detail but I'm extensively traveled person, after so many experiences all over the Europe it is so important for me.
To visit Naples after a long time was great and my daughter's choice for Carafa di Maddaloni was another great chance to make our trip pleasant.
I never like to exaggerate my likes but all those hospitality was really impressive, if I go Naples again no doubt I'll stay in that lovely place.

Happy Valentine!

                              Wishing a wonderful Valentine Day!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Camera problem:((

It is another cold and gray day here in Istanbul....
I  completed a few CQ blocks, I was planning to take their photos in day light to upload here but  my camera doesn't work!!! It seems that there is a problem on its battery lid, I have to wait consultation of my husband tonight!
I like to take photos in day light with my Fuji, I don't like the performance of small Olympus, by the way, I must admit that I don't know well how to use it. I also don't use cellular phone to take photo...I'm a typical technological impaired person:(
We decided with one of my stitcher friend to embellish our eachother's blocks. I've already created a 12"X12 block with my favorite mostly blue tones, she is also a blue color lover like me, I hope she'll enjoys my block and works easily on it. Now, I'm waiting the arrival of her block to embellish.
I hope my husband solves my current camera problem this weekend, I start to share new block photos.
It is tea time for me, with a small piece of apple pie.

Monday, January 6, 2014

New online class, the road to my house!

Beautiful  Holiday Season  is over and we started to second week of 2014. I hope 2014 bring good things to each of us.
I bought a New Year gift for myself, it is a free motion stitching online class. I'll use dried tea-bags as a base to create a wall hanger. I started collect dried tea bags to get started....We're a coffee lover  family, therefor our daily tea bag usage is limited:((  It seems that my class material preparation will take time. I'm so excited to get started, hope I'll share photos of my new project soon. To work on a different style other than crazy quilting will be interesting.
Wishing you all a creative New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Last swap baggie of 2013:))

I received a full  box of embellishments from my dear quilter friend Lydia. Its timing also was perfect:)) All those wonderful trims, buttons, threads, beads, fancy fabrics are so beautiful.
I especially took close-up photo of those lovely vintage  buttons and glasslamp work buttons. I  decided to add them onto my an old  block with nautical theme. 
I liked this cute tatted heart motif so much, it looks so pretty.  Gosh, there are so many things that I loved, I must sit and start to work  and use them. 
This kind of swaps are so nice, I love to pick-up and select original things for my swap partners and of course to receive baggies with full of wonderful items is a different happiness for a quilter. Special thanks for Lydia, her goodies came just before Santa:)))