Saturday, October 17, 2015

Last RR job done!

I've started Downton Abbey, DYD RR with great excitement. But, so sad that many incoming and outgoing mail problem ruined RR, it caused a disappointment for us.
I'm also so sad that  one of my partner's block got lost on the way. She made another one and I just completed my work on it. After having lots of stress related with the postage problems, I decided not to join any RRs. 
Theresa's block is my last work on a RR block. I hope she likes what I did on her block.
I tried to pay a special attention on her lovely block, which is all my favorite colors. As I always do, I tried to create something special...Especially this block was with Downton Abbey theme, should look rich!!!...My followers know me well, I love heavily embellished blocks.

 I started from the longest patch, added one of my beaded oya lace long the seam. In this block I used symmetrical  trios, oya flowers, laces, seam treatments etc. I used them all three pieces.

I used various types of beads on the seam treatments, I stitched chain stitches to cover seam assembly lines. I did them with  metallic Kreinik threads.

My right hand tendon problem still exist, therefor I'm unable to make SRE work, however, I did lots of beading on Theresa's block. I'm so glad that I found so many neat color beads, pearls in my stash, I used them in a harmony.

This photo shows final of the block, I enjoyed so much to work on Theesa's block. Now, it is ready to start its long way to WA, USA. 
This winter I'll not join any other RRs, just I'll try to complete some UFPs and start new projects. 
Wishing all the best, happy stitching....

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2016 Crazy Quilt Calendar just released

It is still so hot but it is already September, only four months for the New Year!
Pamela Kellogg's 2016 Calendar just released, I'm looking forward to get my own copy to review it.
By the way, I'm so excited for being "May page" of that lovely project. I did a special block according to project format. My  friends, followers know it well that I keep some items for the special  projects, I used lots of them to create my "May block".Pam sent me a lovely blue bird photo, I printed and decided to create a block  mostly with blue+pink colors. 
I just used a dark blue color lace trim and golden color ric-rac and a beaded lace, I did all other seam treatments myself. 
There were some dark blue+blue+white combo little oya flowers, I put them on to pink patch, my little bird now looking them:)) The fabric of that mentioned patch specially hand dyed from our southern part. I love to use those fabrics for the quilts that I make according to paper piecing method,  their performance is great, no comparison with the standard cotton fabrics.

As I mostly do, I used a Chevron stitch as a base, kept stitching, added lots of beads, with some contrast colors. I especially made some long patches to create long seam treatments.
 I added some other stiff type oya flowers on the dark blue patch, they really popped up. I did spider rose flowers with variegated silk ribbon. It is our locally produced silk ribbon. I really like their natural color scheme. I also used same type of ribbons to create leaves and other SRE works, as well.
As I told before, I used many special items. My vintage Czech  buttons the most important ones. Their story is interesting for me. I was going to Ankara frequently during my daughter's college years. One day, I went to an old store that was selling elegant accessories in my youth, as being a naval family, we located in different places, one of them was Ankara, our capitol city. My mother's choice was always haute couture and she was getting real special things from that shop for her tailor made dresses. After all those years that little shop's goodies were still so exclusive. I selected lovely trims and I noticed a small button but it was on their little showcase. He told me if I've interested in with buttons he could bring me some boxes from storage. I waited a few minutes, he came back with two boxes which were full of Czech buttons. He said, these are only samples, most of them discontinued products, I bought them long time ago, nobody interested in with them, just select as you wish just pay a symbolic money. You can imagine what I felt that moment, I bought lots of wonderful buttons. But, I still blame myself, why I didn't buy those two boxes with all those buttons!!! In those days I was a Newbie, I didn't know the value of  them.

I tried to catch color harmony as much as I can, colors of my block are so soft, I tried to take photos in day light however, I believe that they don't justice real colors but I'm happy with outcome, I  really enjoyed so much to create something for the coming year. 
It is a great honor to take part in that project among all those well talented&experienced Ladies:))
So, I tried my best to create a special block using special items from my stash. I hope you like my "May page" and entire calendar. Wishing you all the best....

Monday, July 27, 2015

Giweavay of Patience Brewster -Celebrating Christmas in July!

It is another hottest summer and I started to complaint about extremely hot and wet weather. My all friends and followers know very well that I'm a winter type person, I love everything related with Winter&Snow and of course Christmas.
Several days ago I've found an amazing  link for the  Christmas ornaments and now I visit that page daily to see what beautiful things they have.

Patience Brewster,  has wonderful items, in addition that they have a special giveaway, with a special theme "Celebrating Christmas in July" theme, isn't it so nice?

Their contest at Instagram ends July 31, 2015.
The rules, 
-Follow PB on Instagram @patiencebrewster
-Ensure your Instagram account is not set to "Private" (otherwise who can see your photos??)
-Post your photo about your Christmas celebration in July on Instagram while tagging@patiencebrewster and use the hashtag #PBChristmasinJuly!

Hope I may or one of my follower wins!!!;-)

I wish we could have celebrate Christmas all year long, have that spirit, joy and of course special home decoration!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lots of Laces RR - My work on Nicki's block

I neglected blogging in the last weeks again. One of my recent work was Nicki's lovely block. It was another wonderful block, I enjoyed so much, worked so easily with a nice color harmony. One of  metallic ric-rac  that was sent me as a swap goodie, finally found its perfect place, with some additions  of small charms, metallic thread it looked so pretty. 

I added neat color beaded lace and its assorted flat type oyas, long type bugles and same color pearls made a nice combo. 
I don't use flower type sequins much but this time they found their perfect place, I believe.

This photo shows better my work on the left bottom side of the block.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My treasure gift by Vickie Brown

My dear friend Vickie Brown created a wonderful thing for me, when I saw a photo of this project I fall in love. I impatiently waited its arrival...By the way, our customs did a special application as they do always!!!!...I had to wait one week its custom clearance even though the carrier was UPS.  
She knows my denim jacket love. This denim jacket's new style  with a wonderful Victorian image and vintage laces&beads is an extraordinary work. I must admit that I haven't received a big handmade item  like this up to know.
This close-up photo shows more details

More important point is this label at the inside, this is Vic's elegance and delicacy to prepare very special thing for this special gift. It makes it totally personal, exclusive!

I wanted to thank Vickie once again for taking time to prepare a special gift for me. As I always say so, I met with amazing people in the CQ world, our passionate interest created amazing friendships...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Downton Abbey-DYB RR, my work on Freda's block

This is a lovely RR, indeed. Lovely pieced blocks are so nice, it is great joy to play with them. When I saw Freda's lovely blocks, I couldn't decide to chose one, because all of them were so nice. I was together with my mother, she is a lilac color lover, she suggested me to pick up this lovely one.
 I think, it was a really good decision because I found so many neat items from my stash and started to work.

 My chronic hand problem still exist. I tried to make a fargo roses but I couldn't pull-out the needle with my weak right hand fingers, it was painful try for me, indeed... Some kind of muslin fabrics  are so tight unfortunately I'm unable to do SRE  on fabric+muslin together. But,  as I decided to make a spray on the left side.  I did spider roses with hand dyed silk ribbons.
There was a long patch on the top, I did a long seam treatment. I must admit that I've spent hours to make it:)) I used mostly main colors of the block, I did contrasts with those colors.

 That lovely dyed lace was on the block, sewn by Freda. I added soft lilac tone pearls on it. And added vintage charms at the bottom.
This photo shows my work on the block, I liked its colors so much and worked easily. I hope Freda likes what I did.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Downton Abbey-DYB RR, my work on Ola's block

Some of my followers should remember I've had some struggles to work on a buddy's block last year, she had "Downton Abbey" concept on her RR block. It was totally unknown issue for me, after my trials I learned that it is a famous TV show and I tried to do my best on that mentioned RR block. 
When I recognized a new RR with "Downton Abbey" theme, I decided to join without hesitation. All those lovely blocks with fancy fabrics should turn to a real beauty with "Downton Abbey" theme.
 So, I received first block from my RR partner Ola, her naked block was so pretty with nice fancy fabrics. I decided to work on the main colors, black&beige. I collected all neat items from my stash and started to work. At first, I added a lace at the right side. I made Chevron stitch with variegated black thread at top, added lots of things, sequins, bugles, metallic seed beads.
My partner should like to have some oyas but, unfortunately I don't have any neat color flowers I just added a nice handmade beaded lace. I preferred to create rich seam treatments with contrast colors.

Some SRE with black silk ribbons and help of metallic golden color thread looked pretty at the beige patch, addition of the golden color leaves made that side nice, isn't it???
As I always love to make chain stitches with metallic threads, I did them on the black velvet patch. Added some little charms, too.  On the middle beige patch, I added a big size "Life tree" charm that I've found it recently in a forgotten box.
So, my first work on this interesting theme RR finished and it started its long journey to reach Brenda...Now, I'm waiting another block to play with...I wish I could live in the past eras:))  I love all those elegant, fancy things of the past eras....

Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Lots of Lace" RR- My work on Linda's block

So, another traditional RR and  another lovely block to play with.  As I always say so there are some RR blocks that I decide what to do when I opened the envelope, Linda's block was one of them, it was full of my favorite colors, I selected all necessary items from my stashies and started to stitch. Of course, I added lace at first, I added another thin lace  on to it with blue shades as well. I did bullion sttiches as petals of the flowers, I made 16 and 20 wraps with dark-blue cotton perle and completed them with beads.

 That hankie is so lovely with my favorite colors, I added stiff oyas that they are almost same color tones, they made a nice combination with main focus of the block. Of course I did a chain stitch using metallic thread, I don't like to leave assembly lines empty!

My dark blue color ric-rac was another perfect match with the other side of the block. I did a different stitch form on the ric-rac, used contrast colors of the seed beads.

This photo shows block which is going to dear Nicki, tomorrow. I hope Linda likes what I did on her block. Now, waiting another block to play. Last year, I joined DYB RRs, I almost forgot to work on the traditional RR. Happy stitching.....

Friday, February 20, 2015

Diva's Elegance DYB RR - My work on Nicki's block

I really had an unlucky situation with my infected finger, that little thing bothered me too long. I hate excuses but  it was so painful for several weeks and afterwords it sore badly, I couldn't even hold a needle...So, I had to cancel some projects and some commitments delayed. Unfortunately, I'm behind the schedule for the Diva's Elegance RR. But, I so grateful for my dear friend Nicki's understanding. Because, her block suppose to at home two weeks ago:((

Nicki's block is a pretty I started to add a lace and vintage blue trim...I love blue color and I was keeping that old trim for a special project...This lovely block was perfect piece to use it.

I wanted to write "baby" with those letter buttons but I didn't have latter of "A" . Therefor, I only did this medley on top of the lovely baby print. I loved that teddy bear charm, I used it on the lovely fabric which has wonderful blue tones.

I did seam treatments using bugles, sequins as I almost do...I like lovely glaze of the sequins, they always give another beauty, I believe.

I used some other little charms as well on this block to reflect baby, child related items:)

I tried to do my best with this sore finger, right hand index finger!!!! I hope she likes what I did on her wonderful block.  I enjoyed so much to work on this pretty block, I wish I couldn't have that unlucky finger problem, I could perform better. 
So, we came to end of the another RR, it was so nice, friendly group. 
By the way, my blocks came back home, I'll get them together to  make a wall-hanger. I would like to thank all participants once again for their efforts on my blocks.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Worst case for a quilter!

What is the worst case for a quilter? An infected index finger!!! My index finger infected, the healing period took almost two weeks of that little thing. It is pretty dangerous things for me because I don't have glands, therefor I have to be careful for any possibility of lymphedeme! I've had to use antibiotics, finally it is fine but I lost nearly two weeks of time to complete my commitments...One of them was CQJP2015. My January block was ready, I just added a few things on it, I'll complete it in February. 

I really hate when unexpected, unlucky occurrences  ruin my original plans, but, so sad that, there is nothing to do other than stay calm and wait the result!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2015

My first block for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2015 is ready.
It is going to a nice beginning for this year...
In this group we all share our individual experiences, new trials...It is a wonderful sharing platform in our endless CQ learning journey....
I would like to embellish my block this time differently,  I want to use lots of laces to have a more classical block...Let me see what it is going to be.....

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

We came to end of another year, 

We, love to give gifts to each others for the New Year, as well. 
I love to have snowy New Year Eve since my childhood, I love to see the world under the white blanket.

It is another waiting period for the kids, counting days to open up their gifts. Who doesn't like to hear their kids' chirping voices? They always ask how many more days to open up their goodies. Sometimes they sit and wait with a sour face:))

 I hope that 2015 brings us a year full of health and happiness. Wishing the very best for 2015!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Silent Night!

Our homes decorated, our furry friends feels the wonderful spirit, too. Feeling warmth of our cozy homes during the special time.

 As being mother of  a  princess like this in the photo, I know her curiosity to open all those gift boxes. I miss my daughter's those days so much....
A snowy, silent night!!!
Wishing you and all your loved ones have a blessed Christmas Day.