Thursday, June 9, 2016

Etsy and Paypal!

We, Etsy members are having a real shock here in Turkey that we were using Paypal.  But now, we will no longer be able to send or receive funds via Paypal.The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (known as BDDK) has refused Paypal's license renewal request to operate in Turkey which means that Paypal can no longer process payments in Turkey.  So, we won't be able to use Paypal anymore.
Accordingly, our all Paypal related activities are stopped at June, 6th, 2016.. At the same time, it effected to our all Etsy activities, too. Etsy is trying hard to find a solution for all Turkish sellers/buyers, but there is no any announcement yet.
I would like to inform my customers that my Etsy store is not active at the moment. But, if you need something urgent please don't hesitate to contact me.
I hope our authorities will  find a solution to solve this important issue.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Salzburg Fortress Concerts, Salzburger Festungskonzerte

After extensively traveling in Europe I forgot how many times I’ve visited some places, Salzburg is one of them. But, I don’t know why I recall Salzburg  as a lonely city. Whenever I go there I feel that way. This time, when I was sitting at Panorama Restaurant,  I watched awesome mountains and I looked at the panoramic view of the city and  felt same thing again, it is an alone city.

 It is a lonely city, indeed  No crowd, no traffic, no rush, no noise, no air and  lighting pollution.... and, only  serenity for me.  Of course , I came to this end with a comparison with our megapol city Istanbul!!!  

This time we had an opportunity to experience the perform of Salzburger Festungkonzerte on the Salzburg fortress.  
Before concert we had dinner at Panorama Restaurant. It is optional to have dinner before concert or not. We bought tickets accordingly to have dinner there.  Well, is it worth to pay that much money for that standard menu is open to question but it was worth to sit there to watch panoramic view and have a drink. When the weather conditions are good enough, dinner is served to guests participating in the VIP Dinner & Fortress Concert package on the panoramic terrace of the restaurant, offering a breath-taking view of the town and province. 

  The perfomance of Mozart Kammerorchester Salzburg was pretty good, especially wonderful atmosphere of the 900 year old Salzburg fortress was amazing, we experienced much more than just a concert in that amazing place.
The “Best of Mozart Orchestra Concerts” are unique to Salzburg and take place in the most magnificent hall in the city, the Golden Hall on the 900 year-old Salzburg fortress.

The richly carved portals and the four colums are fashioned out of red Salzburg marble.. The massive roof beam is one piece with 17 meters lenght.
 The ceiling represents a starry firmament and it is studded with about 3.000 gilded bosses

The saloon was full with so many people from all over the world. Especially I would like to state that formally dressed, elegant  people from far east. I’m not a musician, unable to criticize the performance of the orchestra but only thing I can say I enjoyed each moment in that magical place.  They performed from Mozart, Haydn, Dvorak, Vivaldi and Strauss as well.
The musical enjoyment  is well enough for me to go there once again to a concert in Salzburg.
No matter which time of the year you visit Salzburg, I believe that you’ll  find classical concerts of the highest quality with Salzburg Fortress Concerts.
The view from windows are breathtaking. We had a fantastic sunset view there, I wonder how it is like when snowing!!! Most probably it must be snowy now.
After a splendid time with full of music we  left lonely city Salzburg.  
I'll keep continue to share my notes from Kaprun region.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Trip notes from Zell am See, Kaprun

It is still snowing here, in Istanbul, we got stuck home. I just remembered our wonderful summer vacation to Kaprun region in Austria. I wonder how much it is snowy now. Especially, summit of all those awesome mountains must have breathtaking views now.
Shortly, let me briefly explain where is Zell am See.  It is the administrative capital of the Zell am See District in the Austrian state of Salzburg. The town is an important tourist destination known as Zell am See-Kaprun and is a transportation hub for the region. 
It was really a great escape for us in July, 2015 when a heat wave was burning all Mediterranean region, however, it was around 26-30 centigrade celcius there too. 
It is also paradise for campers, they  were so much happy to be there with their caravans, tents, enjoying sun all day long. 
I loved to spend a wonderful a week there, it is a dream place every photographer must visit to take photos.

The original Lake Zell reached somewhat further to the north and extended south to the Salzach river. As we learned that it gets frozen from November thru end of March, ice skating must be another wonderful opportunity there other than skiing. 
 It was a a lovely event to have a short boat trip on the Zell See  to review wonderful Alpine mountains from different directions, the weather was clear enough to take photos in the morning hours.

 Grand Hotel  is one of biggest and famous hotel in Zell am Zee. It reminded me old romantic film sets:)) 

Picturesque views from downtown area. 
I'm so glad that we had opportunity to watch amazing firework show there. Otherwise one of the most important event would be missed. 

I've watched so many fireworks at different places but this one was so different, so wonderful. About 5 by 3 kilometer lake surrounded by  Alpine mountains creates incredible sound effect, amazing lighting view in that place without any light pollution was really breathtaking.
In these cold days, it will be better to share photos and memories from Zell am See&Kaprun region, I'll keep continue to write....

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Stitching Time!

It is still snowing here in Istanbul, everywhere is under the white blanket, I love to read other blogs, still Christmas and New Year messages are posted, I enjoy to read them....

To sit in our warm homes when our furry friends watching us or sleeping near by, isn't it so lovely to stitch, create wonderful things?

 This image  is an adorable  for me with so much wonderful details, who doesn't want them in their own studio?

 Yes, it is really stitching time in these cold and snowy days.  But, I already have same old story, right hand tendonitis problem came back once again!!! I did overwhelmed in the past months, travels, carrying trolleys and some other hard works are the main causes.... I'm in a special  medicine cure again. I believe that stitching is a wonderful way to lose ourselves, even for a brief time and soothe our souls. I hope I'll be able to stitch soon and share them with you all.
Greetings from snowy Istanbul, wishing you a pleasant weekend, stay well&warm!!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

First day of 2016

Wishing you the very best for 2016. I hope that 2016 brings you a year full of health and happiness to create wonderful new projects...
Much love to you all....

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year!

To all my followers, near and far, holiday wishes for peace and warmth at this magical time of the year! Weather Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Budhi day or Solstice or New Year, may your holidays be filled with love and laughter. It is truly is a magical time of year!

Best wishes for health, wealth and happiness for 2016  and for future years to come!

Wishing you a peaceful year of doing what you like best and time to enjoy this!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve!

My dear followers, I hope you have all fantastic Christmas eve in your warm homes with your beloved ones. I do hope that everyone's plans turn out just as expected and that you all get to be with loved ones. 

I know most of you are crazy quilters, and, 

you a have wishing list from Santa:)) 

May the joy of Christmas overflow you and yours......My love to all of you at this special time!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kathe Wohlfahrt, German ornaments designer!

I always love to visit Kathe Wohlfahrt, world famous designers and seller of German Christmas Gifts and Decor. I'm so glad that we arrived Oberammergau before 6:00p.m. Saturday evening  before Kathe closed and I selected many things to buy in a short time. They have two stores in Oberammegau, I got a chance to visit only one this year I wish I could have more time visit other store as well  to review all those wonderful items, but it is better nothing,:))

 Their stores are always wonderful with amazing decorations but Christmas time is always different.

It was a great surprise that they allow customers to take photo this time!  Only one photo per person allowed!

This one is  their biggest store in Oberammergau, but it is closed Sundays...I respect their rules, but I wish they could have special application for the Christmas season, at least they may be open half day every Sunday.
Oberammergau was snowy last week but there was no snow when we arrived there, I wonder if it is snowy in Rothenburg ob der Tauber where Kathe's main store is  located. They have a special Christmas museum there, too. I visited that amazing store spring&summer times, I bet, it must be much more wonderful this time of the year, now. 
Season's greetings!

I loved this little glass wreath with  red bow,

This one is also my favorite one that it already took its place on my chandelier instead of tree. I must admit that I scared from our furry boys, they didn't do anything to our tree this year yet but it is better to protect my new ornaments.

I loved this glass poinsietta form  ornament but so sad that it was only one piece in the store, I wish I could have more to make bundle in a decorative plate:( 

This is  another adorable piece, glad I have two of them:))  I'll display them with my other angel collection pieces.

 Several years ago, I've bought only two small photo frames  from Kathe at my Rothenburg ob der Tauber visit. Only those pieces were available in that summer time. Glad I found those pieces now, my collections has new pieces now:))

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Market in Dachau, Germany!

My followers know it well that I love traveling and I love hiking on the mountains.
I seldom share my trip photos here but, I seriously started to think have another blog to share my travels and interesting photos. Because I've created this blog to share my crazy quilting journey, I mostly shared related things afterwords my travels. 
In the past few years "trip advisor" is a great source for us to chose good restaurants, cafes  for the local tastes. It is also a good trial to ask at the hotel crew where they have their dinner, especially together with their family, and mostly they suggest non-touristic local places. This year I started to write my reviews...I must admit that I'm so objective, I write everything if there is something wrong! I got really good feed-backs related with my reviews and some of my friends insist me to write my travel memories....I really started to think that a new concept for blogging will be another new job for me...I also would like to have opinions of my current followers, if they like to read my travel adventures or not???

So,  let me start here as a beginning to tell my last trip to Germany! 
It was great coincidence that Dachau's Christmas market was the same day that we arrived Germany, due to its so close location to Munich why we shouldn't spend first day there? We visited Dachau several times, but not X-mas time before. I was always wondering its winter and especially X-mas time. 
It was so nice and cozy atmosphere in the town, well organized market, other activities were enough to make people happy in that cold weather. 
Fantastic smell of roasted nuts and  gluhwein were sorrounding the  place which  was making atmosphere so special!

Who doesn't like this cozy atmosphere? This lovely decorated place is the dining room our hotel, Zieglerbrau, at Altstadt. 
Dachau is a typical little German town in upper Bavaria. The town is also known for its proximity to the infamous Dachau concentration camp which is built by the Nazis and thousands of prisoners died there.   
It so close to Munich, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) north-west of Munich. Now, it is a popular residential place for people who works in Munich.  
 I admire Germans, they know to protect their past very well, when they renovate building never destroy its main structure.

I love to catch wonderful details, they really pay a special attention  to keep oldies. This close-up photo shows better that wonderful outdoor  lighting of the green building.

The historic center of town with its 18th century caste is situated on an elevation and it is visible over a great distance.

Center of the town hosts Weihnachtmarkt now.
By the way, I still keep taking photos with "From my Window" theme. Isn't is great that to see this gorgeous 18th century castle from your hotel room? That's why I love to select these kind of old towns to visit , old hotels (mostly boutique hotels) to stay.
Season's greetings!