Thursday, August 9, 2007

My button collection

During one of my Ankara trip, I've visited my mother's old quilt store. She was buying wonderful trims, buttons from there in my childhood. She was always giving small pieces of trims or fancy fabrics that I was using them to create super things for my Barbie's. I've also kept to create super dresses for my precious daughter's Barbie's. By the way, I must admit that my daughter was playing with other things while I was playing with her Barbie's :))
Well, let me back to that old quilt store!.... when I was looking at the trims in that old store, I saw some antique buttons but they were so expensive. The owner saw my interest and brought a big box of buttons from his non-moving stock... they were old discontinue products, Czechoslovakian buttons. I'm so grateful that he sold me all those wonderful vintage buttons at so reasonable price. I've used them my CQ purses with a great pleasure...

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