Monday, August 20, 2007

Progress on my new wallhanger project

This is the most enjoyable part of the SRE...I started to make daisies. I've already started to use lilac, lavander and purple colors... To find some old ribbons that I've bought them from London in 2004 was a surprize for me today!!! I must be reorganized, my stash is getting bigger and I've started to forget my goodies :))

I started a new project that is going to be a wall-hanger. I usually draw my own motifs but this time I've used a transfer sheet from SRE -Elegant Home Decor series of Bucilla. It seems that I'll be able to work more easily.

I started my work with stem stitch to create main structure. I used two plies of silk floss. But, I plan to use one ply floss for the branches....

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Ann said...

I am sure this is going to be great!!! Your mother is so lucky!!! I know what you know about the stash--except mine is beads.