Friday, August 3, 2007

Victoria&Albert Museum, London

To be able to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum was so impressive at my recent England trip. I wanted to share some photos of the gorgeous embroideries, garments covering the periods of 1600- 1990...

Glad that damage is not so big on the walls of the museum

To see a collection of the famous Turkish designer Rifat Ozbek was a surprise for me.

These creations are today's famous designers'; Armani, Valentino and Moschino

An evening dress of Lady Di, "The Princess of the hearts".

Pincushions and purses from 1600's

A wonderful bride's dress from 1600
The jacket of wealthy English woman Margaret Laton from 1620

Shoes and slipper from 1600's


Cathy K said...

Hi Rengin! I am so happy that you've started a blog. Your work is EXQUISITE, and I'm thrilled I'll be able to "visit" you often! Hugs from one of your buddies in Utah. :-)

rengin said...

Hi Cathy,
I'm so pleased to hear such a nice words from a master quilter.
Hugs from Istanbul,
Much Love,