Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some other crazy things:))

This one sleeve/lace night costume is a special creation, with a star shape glass bead :)) I've mounted sequins on the blue belt as an elegant buckle!!! I wish I could know SRE in those days to make roses more easily. I was crazily working to form ribbons or fabrics to make roses. The yellow things on the shoulders are roses!!!! LOL :)) Oh, I just recognized the special trim on the blouse, it was from my mother's evening dress

I still laugh when I see these creations... to play with my beads and sequins was a great fun to create something special for my DD in those days.

Oh, this silk/lace dress had assorted hat and bag as well. as far as I remember there were pearls on the hat.To bad, we couldn't find them:( There is another rose on the belt.... It was primitively done by me but still it looks like a Vintage costume, isn't it? LOL.

My precious daughter found her old Barbie's and my great costume creations for her dolls when she was cleaning her cabinets before going back to school. Those tiny mini Barbie dresses were recalled us so many nice memories from her childhood. How time goes by, I sewed and embellished Barbie costumes 17-18 years ago!
When my DD saw the embellishments she said"Mother, your Craziness were obvious from those days!!!".
I must admit that I've had a real nostalgic time with these Barbie costumes.... I'm so glad that my DD is also a real "Keeper" like me.... Hope she starts to make CQ'ing soon.

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