Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentine Swap Block Finished

Highlighted left top side of the block. I used red/white flat type oyas that are called "with cheery". I especially used a few tone lighter green ribbons to make leaves, that they gave a better look. At the right side of the block I made a small spray. I used contrast color ribbons and added a few pearls.

This is the final look of my first Valentine swap project. Hope my swap partner likes what I've done for her.


PegSue said...

Rengin, I'm in the SRE group, also. This has been a fun swap. I did a postcard for Florence. Your wall hanger is so beautiful!! I hope I can swap with you in the future. Do you know where I can learn more about oyas? The work is beautiful and looks very interesting. I am always looking for a new craft. You do lovely work. Peggy in Fl, USA

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Peggy,
It will be a great pleasure for me to swap with you. Thanks for your nice words about my work.
Please contact me privately, I send you info related with oyas.
Much Love,

Kathy said...

Once again, fabulous! Your swap partner should be thrilled. The oyas worked perfectly on your heart.

Ati. Norway. said...

Beautiful work Rengin.The oyas are lovely on the heart!

grandma said...

Valentine is awesome!!!!!
Sure wish I was at the other end, receiving your Valentine.

Your oyas are especially beautiful.
Your work is just the BEST!!!!!!!!

Shashi Nayagam said...

she will adore it. It is a gorgeous piece. You do such lovely work!! I still have some of the oyas that you gave me I treasure it.

It's Me...Maven said...

Simply beautiful~

Rengin, it looks like you are the "go-to" person for oyas and information:)

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thank you so much for your all nice words...
I'm so happy that this amazing needle art is getting popular once again. I had always a fear that oyas shall be forgetten by time.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Dear Shashi,
Please use oyas on your beautiful doll projects. I also treasure all those wonderful beads and charms you gave. Have you seen some of them on the Header photo of my block?
I came to London for a short visit on Dec.30. Unfortunately, I couldn't contact you in that heavy program. Hope to see you on spring.
Much Love,

Malla said...

Your Valentine swap piece is wonderful! So fresh.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Rengin, Your Valentine swap block is goregous. I love it. The OYA are perfect for it. Soooo is the lucky person to received this Valentine block?? Hugs Judy

brodanni said...

Oh la la, it is so nice!!!