Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Progress of the block- Butterflies

Is there any butterfly without antennea??? I did it with running stitch and french knots. To make french knots, I used two plies of thread and twisted 5 times. At last, I added flat type sequins on the wings :))
I added bugles to form the bodies of the butterflies.

I wanted to create small butterflies on the "butterfly" theme block. I thought that organdy will be a good choice to create sheer butterfly wings. I made loop stitches to form wings.


Ira said...

Beautiful butterfy. Very impressive. Thank you for visiting my blog.

donnag said...

I love this application. The butterfly looks like it will just fly ouy of the fabric. Thanks for sharing this.

Barbara said...

Your block is absolutely beautiful, Rengin!

I wanted to let you know that I named you in the "You Make My Day" award today on my blog.

I truly appreciate your friendship and your blog is always an inspiration.