Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New RR block

This is my first RR block of this year. We decided to have a RR with ethnic theme at our small "crazies-united" group. I decided to made a Spanish block.

I found a nice fabric with red rose motif in my stash. I used that fabric in the middle. I don't like red color much. But, I couldn't think to create a Spanish block without bright red and green colors.Of course I added black as well. I thought a block without any black lace won't look real Spanish!!!! I added black lace onto red fabric. The fabrics that I used they are all solid colors so my buddies may work more easily. I'm looking forward to see its outcome with my buddies wonderful work on it. My block has a long way to go from Istanbul to Daytona Beach.


Ati. Norway. said...

Beautiful block Rengin, very strong, warm blooded colors :)

Juliette Coates said...

Rengin the block is gorgeous and I know already what I am going to do with it, can't wait till it gets to me