Thursday, April 17, 2008

Neck-tie block

Recently there was a conversation about neck-tie blocks at one of my Yahoo group. It reminded me an old story about my first RR experience.
In 2004, I've joined a RR and I wanted to create a block, using some pieces of my Dad's an old neck-tie. That neck-tie was traveled a lot with my Dad (who is a retired Naval Captain). Suppose to that block should be embroidered by Ladies from different places of the world, after its long journey it should came back home again. Unfortunately that block got lost!!! It was a great disappointment for me, indeed.... However, I was so lucky for having wonderful group friends. Dear Juliette from U.K. offered to create a second block for me. I sent a small piece of the neck-tie to Juliette and she created a wonderful block for me, my second RR block started its journey from U.K. and it came back home safely with the gorgeous work of the all participants.
Afterwords, I made some additions with some personal objects. My Dad made small "Sailor's knots" (I'm not sure if it is correct definition in English!). I added navy buttons from his original navy uniform. My mother gave me those small buttons with red anchors, they are from my toddler cloth:))
I still want to create other things on this block...I'll its final soon.

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Kathy said...

Your Father's block is wonderful. You will cherish this block with all of it's memories so beautifully created