Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Puzzle - "Invitation to tea"

My CQ'er buddies knows that I like "Tea Time" theme. I was collecting charms, silk prints since two years to make a big size wall hanger. I couldn't realize this project yet but I found a puzzle with "Invitation to Tea" theme during my recent trip to Ankara. Judy Koenig is one of my favorite artist. I like her art so much. To find a puzzle with her painting was a great surprise for me. I'll have 14"x19" size puzzle on the wall of my sewing room before a CQ wall hanger. By the way, I also just recognized that Gibsons Puzzles carry super things for us who likes Victorian era and vintage.


Patricia said...

Rengin, I am so happy I happened upon your blog. I really enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your work over the past year. I am just beginning to learn silk ribbon embroidery and embellishments and find it very addictive! But so much fun. Thank you for sharing your work,
Pat Morello

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Pat,
Thank you for taking time and reading my blog.
As I always say, SRE and embellishments are very addictive, both of them are my passionate interests. Welcome on board:)
Happy stitching,

Violette Severin said...

Thanks for the link. I try to find home interior prints to put on my walls and they are hard to find.