Monday, September 8, 2008

Winter RR

After having a hot summer, it is time to stitch again. I host a new RR with "Winter" theme. This is my first trial to host a RR, we are two groups, both groups have talented and experienced ladies.I'm so glad that both group activities runs so smoothly, so friendly.
To work on a RR block was great after a long time. I couldn't stitch much during the summer. I enjoyed to work on that lovely block, now, it is on its long way to go to Sri Lanka. I started my work on that lovely block with a chevron stitch. I added beads, sequins to catch a Christmasy decoration look. The green patch was a great background to make a poinsettia. A small SRE looked so neat. I thought that nine small deers will be neat at the bottom:)) Is it possible to think a Santa without deers?


morvoren said...

Lovely work Regin,
As always :O)
Love the way you have used that white fibre to look like snow..very inventive.
Oh yes got to have deer too..pulls it all together!!

Kathy said...

Very pretty poinsettia and how creative with the reindeer.

Jose said...

Lovely work and a gorgeous header