Friday, October 17, 2008

Bead stores at Ankara

I spent long time in this store that they carry wonderful products. In addition, this lady creates so nice, elegant necklace sets. Her exclusive designs are so nice, indeed. I wish I could have more time to watch her amazing work.

I lived in Ankara in the past at my youth and I visit it frequently now. But I must admit that I've never been there, at Vakif Sulu Han.
"It was built in 1511 by Hasan Pasha while Ottoman Emperor 2nd Sultan Beyazit was in power as a has got 63 rooms to stay, shops and double hamams as a big caravanserai of that was renovated in 1980's, now its rooms gives service as bead and artificial flower shops."
It is an amazing place for a CQ'er, like me. I was losing my mind when I saw all those colorful beads there. Unfortunately, my time there was so limited, however I took photos, met with very nice people, all shop owners were so friendly.
I got so impressed in that huge, old building, its authentic, exotic atmosphere and beads, charms, thousands of different materials... It seems that I'll be visiting this authentic place at my every Ankara trip.

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