Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've been tagged:)

I have been tagged by Pat Winter. When I've started Crazy Quiting, her site was the first site that I've visited with a great admiration. She has a special place at the beginning of my CQ journey.
Pat has graciously included me in a fun little MeMe. Actually, I must admit that I am honored to be chosen by her.
The rules are that list 6 obscure or unknown facts about yourself, than tag another 6 person. You let these people know by listing them and their blogs on your blog, then e-mailing them then they tag other six people...Here are 6 more obscure things about me...

1. I love to visit snowy mountains at every possibility. I love to travel by plane but I have height scare! I scare to look at the ground after 5th floor!!! Isn't is a dilemma??? LOL (I'm so glad that I live at four storey building:)

2. I can't watch a movie when there is a snake or crocodiles in it. I can't breathe so I have to close my eyes and ask someone if they are finished.

3. I love to exercise but I always find an excuse to skip! I must change this bad habit.

4. I hate to read intructions to learn the tricks of new devices! I wish I could be more patient to read them at least to learn other functions of my new cellular phone:))

5. My dreams are colorful and some of them gets realized! This makes me feel so uncomfortable time to time.

6. I'm so selective to eat! If the smell, taste and vision doesn't match, I don't eat!!!

I tag~~







I'm sure that you'll have great fun exploring all these fantastic blogs.

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Simona said...

Thank you, Rengin to think of me I like to know something more about my friends so I will be happy to do my meme for them!