Thursday, December 18, 2008

Raffaello Puzzle

After telling about my new "Raffaello puzzle, I wanted to show you my little cherubs that I've bought them from Germany. Kathe Wohlfahrt is a famous Christmas shop in Germany, it has shops at different places that I love to visit at my each travel. Last year I bought these lovely cherubs from Kathe's Rottenburg shop with lots of other things. We realized "Romantic Tour" in last June, we started our journey from Heildelberg, I loved Kathe's that shop, too. Kathe's "Deutsche Weihnachtsmuseum" is at the Rothenburg is a fantastic place, indeed. I also like their Oberammergau and Garmish-Partenkirshen stores as well, because I love Bavaria and awesome Alpine mountains at every possibility.
I would like to share this lovely "Raffaello" image with you. My precious daughter made this 1000 pieces puzzle for me. Its dimensions are 68x48cm. We bought a wooden frame from IKEA . I tried to make its a clear photo but its glass part shines, reflects the shadows. At least this photo should give you an idea about my new gift that I liked so much.


bea3855 said...

Nice items again in your Blog!
Did I tell you that my dog is Turkish??!
Northern Greetings

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thank you, Beatrice.
Is your doggie Kangal? Our Kangals are so famous!
Season's greetings

Susan said...

The two cherubs are so wonderful, and they make me want to visit all those places myself. Love the puzzle your daughter made for you. I guess she knows what you like.

Anonymous said...

The cherubs are adorable. Kathe Wohlfahrt has a shop in Chicago's Christmas Market every year. I love her stuff.

Kathy said...

The cherubs are so sweet. Wonderful puzzle as well. It looks very similar to one of the images I have printed out for a cq project.