Friday, December 26, 2008

Vintage Ornaments and little angels

Today I took some photos of my home decoration for a buddy as I've promised and I wanted to share some of them here with you all too. This is my most favorite vintage ornament, I keep it precisely. This little ball is older than 35 years old and only this piece left! I have some other older ornaments but this is my favorite one, nowadays it is pretty hard to find something like this. There are so many things with but none of them looks pretty for me like this one!
Last year, we went to Spandau during our Germany visit. It was only a few days before the Christmas, I found those lovely angel ornaments from a small shop in the Spandau. They are my Guardian angels:))


Sharon said...

Rengin your ornaments are beautiful.I have favorite older ornaments from my childhood and I treasure them too. Sharon

Kathy said...

Rengin, your ornaments are beautiful. I don't have any real special ornaments, but I plan on checking with my mother to see if she saved all our ornaments from when we were small. She doesn't put a tree up anymore, so I imagine they are stored away.