Monday, January 19, 2009

Traveler cat:)

Afterwords we came back home!!!

Babig took only short naps during our drive of 450 km, our smart cat never wants to miss details, wants to stay awake!

We awaked to wonderful day, yesterday. After snowing, temperature was a little bit high and sun was shining, Babig was watching outside from sunny window.

Babig was happy to see his grand parents!!! He showed his happines laying down on the new puzzle!!!! He grows up in an intellectual home!!!

There are some spots on the photos, unfortunately they are drops on the windshield!

I'm so happy my precious DD is coming home Tuesday with her cat to spend two weeks with us. Her little cat is sick and antibiotic cure since last week, we thought that to travel by plane may make him feel uncomfortable and we decided to go to Ankara to bring him back here. It was heavily raining when we left Istanbul. Afterwords it turned to snowing at all the way long.


Terry said...

I really miss having a family cat after we lost our last one I always think they turn a house into a home.

Hope you got my snail mail card ok


Bev said...

Hi Rengin,

Am I seeing right...or is your cat really HUGE.

I agree with Terry, cats do give a house a nice homey feeling, even if they can be aloof creatures.

Patricia said...

Rengin, you are such a soft hearted sweetie! I don't believe you drove so far so the cat wouldn't be uncomfortable.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Anonymous said...

Just Love Kitties. We have 3 & love them very much!! Love your kitty!! So well behaved.
Love, Marilyn

Marilyn said...

Hi Rengin.. I just love your that you work?.. you are a very great artist if it is... I hope you had a lovely time with your daughter,
greetings to you from Australia. Marilyn