Saturday, September 19, 2009

Visit of on-line friend

I'm back home after a wonderful travel, our entire trip was great! Suppose to I should share some photos and details about our travel but first off all I want to share another wonderful news with you. Last month, my on-line buddy Sandy Riggens informed me that her friend Patti should come to Istanbul by a Cruise. Of course, I got so excited to meet in person with Sandy's friend here in Istanbul. Its timing was great for me, it shouldn't match with our travel program.
Yesterday, I got up so early to get ready to leave home to meet with Patti. I live in the Anatolian part of the city, I have to pass through the Bosphorus Bridge to go European side where the Cruise lands.
I usually see the arrivals of the Cruises from my home but yesterday morning the weather was foggy, I couldn't notice its arrival in the early hours when I was at home. When I noticed the ships on the dock while we are passing the Bosphorus Bridge I took a deep breath that the ship was there and I should meet with Patti in a short time.
Our meeting with Patti and Jody was so nice, we noticed each so easily:))
We went to Topkapi Palace together. The terrace of the Palace has an amazing panoramic view, in this photo Patti has a lovely smile. I hope you noticed the Bosphorus Bridge at the back ground which connects the two continents, Europe and Asia.
During the coffee break Patti gave me a wonderful package that Sandy sent me. I'll share its details later with another post, I want to show you all those lovely things she did for me. Patti and Jody were so kind to wore my little oya brooch gifts.
Don't I look so happy between Patti and Jody? It was a short meeting but I must admit that I enjoyed it so much, it was so nice to meet with Patti and Jody. Some of you should astonish to see me with short hair in this photo. I got a hair cut just the day before. I envied so much to see all those so short hair cuts during our travel, especially in France and Germany short hair cuts are so trendy this year. As soon as I came back I went to my hair dresser and got a hair cut.

I come from a naval family, I always interested in ships! Especially if she is so beautiful as seen in these photos!!!!These two photos of the Cruise aren't so clear. I took them from the ferry on the way back to my home. The glass of the window wasn't so clean due salty sea water stains.

It was so nice to meet with Patti and Jody, hope to see them again one day.
Wishing a pleasant weekend to you all....


Sharon said...

Isn't it wonde4rful to be able to connect with people so far away. In person is even more special. Sharon

Jacq said...

What a wonderful thing for all of you to be able to meet.

Kathy said...

So nice you were able to meet Patti. Your hair cut looks very nice. Nice and easy to take care of too.