Saturday, October 17, 2009

New oil painting

How time flies by....It is almost second month over since my last post. I know, I ignored my blog and my follewers during that period. Thanks a lot for your private messages, appreciated. As most of you know, I have to have physical therapy for my current knee problem.

I mostly tried and (still try) to rest as much as I can... Suppose to I should finish all UFP till end of this month, but it looks impossible according to current situation!!! Of course, this too much relaxing affected me negatively to feel a little bit moody:(( You won't believe me but I mostly spent time playing games, such as Farmville!!! (OMG, it is an addiction!!!)

I'm so glad that I started to go to Art Studio again and completed a painting that I started before the summer. It finished yesterday and I wanted to say hello to you all with this oil painting. I'm waiting your comments...but not about my painting, about the quilt on it:)) LOL!!!

Bye for now....


crazyQstitcher said...

Your paintings just get better Rengin. This is wonderful. I am a great fan of trees and this is a beautiful one. Thanks for sharing.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I work more easily with oil paints, there is no comparison with the hardship of acrylics!!!
I hope I'll be able to share more paintings soon.

topala said...

please tell me what wire to use oya.polyester? show how the thread. you can show?