Monday, March 29, 2010

"Textile Memory Quilt" for UNICEF

I was invited to join a "Textile Memory Quilt" to support UNICEF by Brigitte Laumanns who is a master quilter, lives in Dortmund, Germany. I should prepare a 6x6" block and it should have story. When I heard this project, I got so excited to support Unicef other than just buying its cards. It was so meaningful for me to help children to grow up healthy and safeway.

In a short time, I prepared the structures of the block in my mind. I should use a special fabric as the focus of the block. It was my dear Father's an old necktie with lighthouse design on it. My retired naval commender Dad had been used that mentioned necktie long years at the different parts of the world when he locationed. Some of my Followers may remember that I've have created another block with my Dad's necktie piece with a Nautical theme some time ago.
Afterwords I sent block to Brigitte in 2004, I received a kind letter from Dortmund branch of Unicef along with a lovely bookbinder with the print of my block on it.
I must admit that I totally forgot about ttis Memory Quilt till I received a letter from Brigitte two weeks ago. She was telling that "Textile Memory Quilt" was done and its book published in German and English versions. I immediately placed an order to have several of them and they arrived here safely. I got so impressed when I saw the photos of all those wonderful blocks from 24 countries and read their individual stories. Total 86 Ladies and 4 Gentlemen from five continents made this quilt possible with the dimensions of 3.50m(wide) X 2.20(height) for the children of our world:))

An important part of the profit of this book will be used for the benefit of the children by UNICEF.

To get wonderful news about an old project made me feel so happy and honored me so much to take a small place in this wonderful project. I would like to thank Brigitte for her great organization and full personal trials to realize this project to support the children of our old world.

I still keep continue to read interesting quilt stories of all those participants from five continents....If you are interested in to have this interesting book and support UNICEF please contact Brigitte.
You can review more details at her website


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

That is so neat to have your dads ties in a memoriey quilt for UNICEF. You do such wonderful work on all your things and I know the children will love the stories on all the quilts.
You are quite a lady!!!
Hugs, Pat

Karrin Hurd said...

Congratulations Rengin, how exciting for you and great work on the UNICEF quilt! Hugs, Karrin