Monday, February 13, 2012

Details of my block - Begining section

So, after release of the magazine (CQ Gatherings, 2012-Spring issue) I can start to share some photos of what I did for my block which is the cover of the magazine. I used a block with my favorite Victorian colors.... At the beginning of embellishment period, I've collected my whole special items that I was keeping them for a special project. As you all know, it is almost a general principal, crazy quilters always keep their special embellishments for a special project;-)) But, usually that special project never gets realized...But, when dear Pat asked me to be "Cover girl" for the spring issue, I said, this is perfect timing to start to use special embellishments:)) I decided to use soft pastel tones and I brought together what I have in those tones, so to pick-up neat items among them were more easy...
I was keeping dear friend Nicki's lovely hand dyed laces for a long time...I was planning to use them for a purse but I thought some of them were perfect this block. Especially, one of them should be like a crown on my silk print which is the focus of the block.
A close-up photos shows better lovely color tones of those hand dyed laces of Nicki Lee. She is a lovely friend, we had lovely swaps in the past and we still keep in touch.
I've already started to create some seam treatment when I was selecting laces...My work is always easy if I catch good color tones of what I want to have at the end.... but, if I can't catch good colors the work turns a nightmare!!! I'm sure that, most of you like me:))) LOL!!!!
I guess, these photos gave you an idea about my block color scheme and its focus silk print. I'll keep continue to tell details....

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