Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Distribution of the baby blankets

Our blankets went to Van in the first week of January, in those days area was having normal seasonality, afterwords the distribution of our blankets the weather conditions got worst, the timing of the distribution was perfect!
Our contact person distributed blankets according to a list that was prepared according to real demands.
Young mothers delighted to have lovely blankets for their babies.
This small angel sleeps with his new blankets.
Our contact person visited hospitals as well to distribute blankets.
This baby is a little bit lucky because his family lives in a container instead of a tent.
After the earthquake, most of the upper class people left the city. But, sad that the lower class tries to survive there! They have to live there in that all those negative conditions...
I hope and pray all those people who are homeless at the moment they should have their own homes soon.
I would like to thank for everyone who helped us to realize this "Baby blankets" aid for the earthquake area, I appreaciate all efforts.
After completing this project, we started another one to help kids once again. After shocks of the big quake still continues and casue people have traumas. Especially children needs special attention after losing their homes, scholls, loved ones....We decided to make handmade toys for prepare small toy gift packs with a pair sock will be great for them...
There are some buddies who organized to collect kids socks already and some others collects books, etc...Of course, governmental authorities, civil organisations there to help people but always individual helps needed after this kind of big disasters.
Praying for safe and peaceful world not having this kind of disasters....Thanks so much for helpers once again.

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Anonymous said...

The baby blankets are a God-send to those in crisis. I feel so bad for them. So much strife around the world.