Wednesday, October 3, 2012

 It was so nice to work on a RR block after a long time.  Our "Victorian Ladies DYB RR" started and I completed my work on dear friend Hideko's block. According to Hideko's desire for dark and gothic atmosphere I added black laces and used neat color embellishments as much as I can to describe a Lady in black.  A novel that inspired her sounds so nice, I hope my work won't be a disappointment to meet Hideko's expectation.
I used various kind of beads, sequins and bugles on the laces, most of them are Swarovski crystals and small charms that I was keeping for special projects...As you all know, we keep our stashies for the special projects:)))  
I used gray color silk thread to make Chevron stitch under the Victorian Lady photo.... I had flower form small silver charms I sewed them securely with  black beads on to left side of the print, it looked like a nice trim with bugles on the lace.
I was planning to make pink fargo roses between stitches but I when I found some old crystals with neat colors I changed my mind. I guess, they made a nice harmony with the base color of the fabric with rose motifs. The only things are those pinky crystal beads that I used on the block as colorful things.  They are pretty enough to cheer up the block, the rest of the block is dark colors.  
I embroidered a little fan with soft gray color of silk thread at left side. I liked its harmony with the original  motif of the fabric. 

At right side, I made one of my favorite stitch, Hideko likes it too, I especially made it  for her with black silk thread and added dark sead beads.
I hesitated to add some frilly things on the Victorian Lady print or not.  I just added an earring and necklace with neat color sead beads to make them... 
I hope Hideko also likes what I did. 
At last, I added some other small charms, they added more femminen apparence. 
So, I completed my work on the first block of this lovely Victorian Lady theme RR, waiting another block to play.
Happy stitching.....

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Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Rengin, thank you very much for your beautiful work! It's perfect! Hideko