Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas decorations of my home

I wanted to share some details of my decorations of this year. I bought this tree last year, it is big enough to display all ornaments:)) Our two cats must be aware how those ornaments important for me, they never touch them, our little cat met with the tree this year, he started to bite but didn't like its taste. LOL!  
My  precious older  grandson loves to sleep in this cozy atmosphere. He loves to watch twelights than falls a sleep.
I like all tones of the blue color, these dark blue candle and holders are my special items for this season:)
My darling grandson Babig is not camera shy, he loves to pose:))
 "The Sinatra Christmas Album" is my favorite album to listen, it is on the hard disc of my computer, ready to listen.
Santa came to town!!!

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victoriantailor said...

Beautiful, looks very inviting!