Saturday, August 13, 2016

Travel Notes,Norway, Chapher#3, Flam

We arrived Flam as the last destination of Flamsbana,

Flam  is a very small village and when I first saw it I thought, how it is a lovely place. It does have a lot of tourists from cruise ships, but mainly the crowds are around the pier and souvenir shops. After a long touring, visiting shops and small museum we had a some sneaks in pier area. Afterwords went to Fretheim Hotel to have coffee. It was a lovely day, hotel garden was so nice while sun was shining and drizzling time to time. I wondered how this hotel and its surroundings look like in the winter time, especially with Christmas decorations. 

When we are touring in pier area, I noticed a small private museum in a store, of 
course I loved all those oldies. I loved the decoration of small room, all those dusty, oldies were so pretty.


 This lovely small town must so quiet and lonely in winter time. It was so crowded and busy in this  sunny day.

 There are many things to do in Flam, one of them is fjord safari. Teams get ready and leave pier as scheduled.

When we started to plan our journey we also checked cruise tour programs. We checked cruises and their schedules and decided to make our own program to have more free time and visit places freely as we wish. One of them was cruise  Koninsdam. It was a surprice for us to see it there at Flam pier because we've totally forgotten it and its program.
We got a chance to review how are things works in these cruises, how passengers have to be acted according to program, etc.
We are sure once again that big cruise tours are not our kind, it is impossible to feel the nature, serenity in that big vessel with thousands of people. We like small scale, more independent tours.

We left Flam in the afternoon with our scheduled Norled express boat, “Vingtor”.

 In that cool and windy weather we were all on the board to take photos and breath that amazing freshness.
If you ask me describe fjords with a few words, I say, peaceful, magnificient, green, lonely, and blue. It gives you different feelings and rejuvenate with amazing nature.
Our destination will be Balestrand, I'll tell it later....

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