Monday, September 12, 2016

Where and what to eat in Norway, Oslo

Opera House Restaurant  
We went there with our Norwegein friends. Nice place but we were the only table there all night.
I wanted to start with fish soup as being a fish soup lover, it was creamy with mixed veggies.
                                                             My pasta salad had sea foods and some many fresh ingredients. Pastas were too much I've just ate sea foods and veggies:))

                                          My husband order typical Norwegian tastes plate was interesting, covering various tasteful specialities in a same plate! 
Afterwords he had fish, it was looking so nice, indeed.

Our last day in Norway we had another heavy program, it covered our whole day. And we wanted to make a final at Lofoten Fiskerestaurant, Oslo, takes places Michelin Guide 2016. 

We hardly find place for six people. 
We ordered  "Greenland shrimps" as starter, they were so fresh and well prepared, most of them had caviars.  
Greenlandic shrimps are not farmed, caught wild in the waters off of Greenland’s coast.  Because of the cold water Greenlandic shrimp have a very long growing period and are therefore not caught until they are between 4 and 6 years old. In that period, of course they build up a lot of flavor accordingly. Greenlandic shrimp taste fresh of salt water with a sweet touch and have a firm and juicy texture that's make it special. By the way, let me remind that, Greenland is the largest island of the world,  which is part of North America continent but it is satellite territory of Denmark, a European country. 

 I had fish soup as a closure at our last day. I love fish soup, I couldn’t resist Lofoten’s creamy soup with fresh basil and garnished with daily fish&shellfish.  

My fish, oven baked lange and grilled asparagus with artichoke cream was delicious. I must admit that I couldn't finish last piece of that amazing fish. 

I know this location from my past trip, it is one of the popular restaurant in Aker Brygge, always crowded, first choice of the most people. 
So, I came to end of our Norway travel notes, I got nice feedbacks from some fellows, thanks once again for your e-mails...I'll share our mountain advantures soon...

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