Monday, January 9, 2017

White blanket covered Istanbul

It is still snowing since Friday evening, Istanbul is under the white blanket with a bitter cold. According to current forecast we'll have more freezing temperatures starting from tonight, authorities warn about icy and slippery roads!
 After having another extreme hot summer period, authorities were warning about serious drought but after this  heavy snowing it seems that we'll have no drought problem all over the country this summer.
I keep watching news, Europeans are having more extreme conditions, I especially wonder the general situation at refugee camps, those people  never got used to have this kind of extreme cold conditions.
Istanbul  airports have a key roles for the connections between Europe, middle&far east. Heavy snow and high winds resulted cancellation of hundreds of flights, caused rerouted them. Also all ferry, boat connections had to be canceled due to high wind and blizzard. In addition, the Bosphorus Strait which runs through Istanbul and it is one of the Europe's busiest shipping lanes was closed due to blizzard and all ferry services halted.
It is pretty nice to see city under a white blanket but reality is so different. Especially, transportation in this mega-pol city so hard in these  icy road conditions.
 It is pretty good to stay at warm home an enjoy  quietly snowing when having a cup of coffee.
 Also watching wonderful contrast colors on the white blanket is so nice.
 Amazing beauties of our mother nature!
It is still snowing, lovely roof of the next apartment in my neighborhood has those icicles, most probably they will be much bigger tonight.
I'm thinking our troops, they are fighting at the southern part of the country and some of them at different these extreme weather conditions they do their best for our nation.
I also keep thinking refugee camps and homeless people at all over the European countries.... Especially, Greek islands, southern part of Italy, they live under tents, how they can survive in these extreme weather conditions?

I just watched from TV that airports closed at Sicily and southern Italy, too due to heavy snowing!
2016 had hottest summer, 2017 winter is also going to be take a place with its extreme winter.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

It seems that extreme weather conditions are everywhere. Our #2 son and his family live in Vancouver BC and they are covered in snow - and no plows to work on any of the side streets (what few they have are dealing with the main streets). I suspect you might be the same where you are. Hibernating begins to sound better all the time!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Yes, everywhere having extreme weather conditions this year. It is still snowing at the moment. But, heavy rain is forecasted for tonight. Flood warnings...isn't it so strange???