Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tutorial for CD pin keeper

I brought two back sides together and started to sew them with blanket stitch. I used variegated purple cotton thread. I used a bead at every stitch. Those beads are almost the same colors with the silk ribbons. They really looked so neat and pretty. It was my first trial to make a blanket stitch with beads. I must admit that I liked this method so much...

I used a thin layer of fiber at the both CD's that I used them for the front and back sides. I cut the fibers in circular shape with the same size with CD's. I folded them precisely and sewed tightly. I guess, to glu them will be much more smart and easy idea but I scare to have a stain!!! I prefered an old method to avoid any possible problem.

I used pale lilac color ribbons to make fargo roses at the both sides. In the middle section, I added small type oyas that they gave a different look. To add leaves with different green tones was the final. At last, I added a small bow charm at the bottom, it gave another a nice sparky look.

I started to make my first CD pin keeper. First off all, I selected a solid fabric with a soft lilac color, cut two squares. I always add a muslin piece at the back side. It is pretty hard to get a good SRE result without it. I ironed both of them.


Allison Ann Aller said...

So beautiful, Rengin! Thanks for the tutorial..and I love that beaded blanket stitch. I will have to try that, and soon.

Is a "pinkeeper" the same as a "pin cushion"?

~xo Allie

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thank you, Allie.
I'm going to use that beaded blanket stitch with different beads as well. It is so easy and gives a real elegant look.
I must admit that I need a glossary to learn the differences between, "pinkeeper", "pin cushion", "needle case"...etc:))
Much Love,

Kathy said...

Rengin, your pinkeeper is beautiful. The beaded blanket stitch really goes well with the whole design.

Nathalie L. bloggeuse fouineuse et passionnée. said...

Thank you for the tutorial

Maven said...

Seven months later, and I still look back at this project, Rengin! It's so beautiful and so many other objects could be substituted for the CD in the center, making it a great project for recycling/up-cycling!

Can you email me some resources where I might be able to learn how to make the lovely flowers you create?