Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine Heart Swap

Due the my Father's sickness I've had to postpone my commitments but I'm so glad that I've completed the small crazy style heart that I was making for the "Valentine Heart Swap", ETSy Cottage style group. The baggie for my swap partner Char started its long journey several days ago. But, I've just found a time to share its photos here with you. I wanted to put some interesting pieces into Char's baggie. I added a hand made oya brooch along with a handmade daphne soap that has a special place in the Anatolian mythology. According to legends Ladies are used daphne soap to have wonderful long hair, still too many people uses daphne soap to have strong and bright hair. I added another box of soap roses that I loved their color, I thought it will be a nice selection in the baggie. In addition I added four different type handmade beaded trims. I hope she likes my selections.
After completing the embellishments I precisely sewed the borders, I left a small place to put fibers and sewed the rest. All of them are hand stitch, I never used machinery!!!

The size of the little heart is 5". I used pink fabric and I covered front side with an old lace that was a piece of wedding dress. I made a spray with my little oyas, added leaves with dark green color silk ribbons. I like that color ribbon because it is almost the same color with the oya's basement tone so it makes a wonderful combination. I kept continue to add some embellishments. At last I added some bugles with various colors to give different sparky look.


Karrin Hurd said...

Lovely heart Rengin. I love your oyas! Hope your father gets to feeling better soon. I will keep you and your father in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Heart! Your stitchery is sensational! So sorry to hear your father is ill. He will be in my prayers!
Love, Marilyn

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I love your heart and the oyas are beautiful. Your work is awsome.
Hope your father will be well soon and I will keep him in my prayers and you too. Care givers need prayers too.

Uniquely Myself said...

Hello again Rengin! Thanks for viewing and following my blog. I have lots of interesting things to share in the future! I can't tell my followers how exciting it is that anyone would take the time to read or follow my blog.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi all,
I would like to thank you for your comments and private e-mails related with my Father, I really appreciated. They really worked, he feels much better day by day:)

Lorenza said...

Beautiful heart Rengin, so sorry about your father health problem, I hope he is feeling better now.
Take care, Lorenza

Nicki Lee said...

Hello Rengin, I am glad to hear that your father is doing better - we will continue to send positive thoughts your way with lots of hugs.

You heart is beautiful as is everything your fingers create. Thinking of you always.

kiwicarole said...

Just had to say your stitching is beautiful!!!

Wendy said...

Oh my! Your heart is just gorgeous! Anyone would be proud to recieve a heart like that one. Hope your dad is doing better.