Monday, May 18, 2009

I worked on a RR block this weekend. This is a different concept other than our known RRs. We are five people, picked a different theme to create our own blocks. When the first person receives the 1st block, does all of the seams with designs in thread. When the 2nd block received, she adds to the seams with some ribbon embroidery and more stitching. When the 3rd one received, the motifs should be doing without additional decorations and when the 4th block received it will be final touch with the adding pizazz....beads, buttons, charms wahatever needed! I must admit that it will be my favorite block!!!:))
This interesting RR was Maureen's idea that I liked, it seemed so interesting. The photo shows the second block that belongs to Shirlee, I received it from Maureen. At first, I was hesitant what to do on this "Oriental theme" block without pizazz. After giving a start I enjoyed so much to work on it.
I think, I did well on this lovely block with the "Oriental theme" according to the rules of this mentioned RR. Its on its way to go to Reneta. Now, I'm waiting 3rd block!


Anonymous said...

As always your stitching to Beautiful & Delicate!! Can't wait to see the next one...
Have Nice Day!!

AMBER said...

Rengin, I just found your blog. I am overwhelmed with your talent. I have never seen anything so beautiful. It makes me feel like giving up, because I will never be able to do such fantastic work, not if I live to be 6,000 years old. Please tell how to make the oya flowers. I want to practice them so I can pretend I'm as good as you.


Kathy said...

Interesting approach to stitching the blocks. I like the idea and of course it is beautiful. I am always in awe of your beautiful work.

Talking Horses Arts said...

Hello there, just love your blog!
Awesome colors and beautiful stitching! Thanks so much for sharing!

Maureen said...

Rengin, I don't know how I missed this and didn't reply earlier. Shirlee's square looks beautiful now that you have added your hand to it. Maureen

Perry said...

I love the colors, and the stitching is lovely!