Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our little Prince doesn't like hot weather like his grandmother! He tries to find cool places to take naps.
This is an interesting cat, he is not a camera shy boy!!!

A few days ago he got lost at home, we looked for him crazily at least five minutes....While we were trying to find him, I recognized that he was watching us from the top the bookcase!!!! Afterwords, I understood that he likes cool places, especially the opposite side of the A/C!!!
He spends all the time at the balcony or window, discovering new things...He likes to watch birds and seagals!!!


susanc said...

Not only is he adorable, he's so smart too!

bea3855 said...

What a smart guy ❃
I have similar pix of my cat, too.
She enjoys high places to rest and observe ❃
They are such a joy, aren't they?!!
Did you know that my dog is Turkish?
Thanx for sharing those lovely photos ❃

Rengin Yazitas said...

Oh, yes, they are such a joy....
As far as I remeber you have one of our famous Kangal doggie. Am I right?

Cathy K said...

What a handsome cat! My cat, Boomer, loves to look out windows, too, especially watching birds. We call it his "Cat television". Hugs, CAThy

Perry said...

Beautiful cat!