Monday, May 25, 2009

We have a visitor:))

My grandson came here two weeks ago. This handsome prince likes my sewing room, you can see how he is posing proudly:))
It is so true that we aren't owner's of them, they are our owners. It is for sure that we'll have a void when my DD takes him back on next week:((
He is so cute, very smart boy.


Anonymous said...

As I am sure you know my theory on Felines.... "No house is complete unless you have more than one Cat!!"
He is adorable....
Have a Wonderful Week!!

Sharon said...

Oh what a precious kitty. I do believe they rule the home. I know my 26 pounder does. Sharon

Terry said...

Oh how wonderful .
Hope he can visit again soon :)
Have a fabulous week.
Thanks for sharing !
Blessings of joy to you.