Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last RR block

This is the last block of our RR. As I've explained before, this RR has a different concept each person makes a specific thing on each block. According to the rules, as being last person, I added all pizazz.... beads, sequins, charms and some other final touches on this lovely block.

This photo shows my additions on Reneta's block.

This is a close-up photo that shows my additions on the sky part, I added a brass bird charm. Afterwords I decided to make a cloud. But, in that white part I decided to make blue color clouds! I should add more sequins but unfortunately they weren't sufficient amount. One of old metallic Gutterman thread with variegated color looked so neat to me! I did some chain stitches on the sky.
In this close-up photo, my additions looks better. I added many beads, little charms, etc. I found many neat color embellishments in my stash to add, I hope Reneta likes her block after our work. But, I really would like to say that the photo doesn't justice its beauty. It so much pretty in person. There are lovely details in that block.
This RR was another different experience with its interesting rules, I enjoyed to work on all blocks. Now, I'm waiting my block's arrival.


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

That block is gorgeous. The detail is so perfect. I enjoyed all the embroidery on it. I am going to give a lady some lesson on ribbon embroidery tomorrow night. She does the Martha Pullen sewing, heirloom niteware, and wants to learn the ribbon embroidery to put on her things. So I'll try, I taught my friend, guess I can teach her.
Have a wonderful night.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Good morning Pat,
I'm sure that your friend will love to learn SRE, because it is a lovely thing, I believe.
Good luck!
Much Love,

Maureen said...

Hi Rengin, You did a fantastic job finishing Reneta's square for the RR!! I hope I can do as much for yours when it arrives. Love, Maureen

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Maureen,
Glad you liked what I did. I'm sure that you'll do great as you do always. Looking forward to get mine back.

AlessandraLace said...

lovely!!!compliments. hugs

Anonymous said...

The block is beautiful Rengin! Your work is exquisite!!
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Anonymous said...

Hey Rengin!

I didn't knew you had a blog till I got your address from Maureen!!! I'm glad I found you here because I can't get the hang of the FB thing. Anyway............your blog is beautiful and your stitching is so beautiful as well! Gorgeous little flowers your added and wonderful colors! Typical colors of Rengin ;-)) I did found you on Etsy as well and have added some oya flowers as my favorite. Will be there soon!

hugs and all the best!