Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New goodies arrived:)

How time goes by....It is almost one month since my last post. It was another hectic period for me! I know, I neglected my blog.
Yesterday I received another order that I was waiting for crazily. I wanted to share a photo that shows some of my new toys. The Ribbonsmyth is one of my favorite online store that it carries wonderful items one crazy quilt needs.
There is also a special item in these goodies, it is a kit for the "Dress it up" challenge. I must admit that this is going to be my first trial to enter a challenge with a special kit. I got so excited to start it, but I have limited time to finish it till our vacation. Therefor I must complete it as soon as possible.
I really got so much motivated after receiving all these lovely items and immediately I sat and started to work on a RR block, there are some embellishments that I would like to add as a final touch and I'll share its final with you soon.

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Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I love your treasures. Be sure and let us see your project when you finish. Have a wonderful night.