Saturday, January 16, 2010

First CQ project of 2010!

After a hectic period finally I'm back to my routine life and gave a start to stitch with a lovely project. One of my online buddy from the USA will have a presentation to show different CQ applications from different cultures. She just kindly asked to borrow one of my CQ project for the mentioned presentation but I wanted to create something different for her as a present . As most of my CQ'er buddies knows, I don't use much trims on to my blocks, I love to create my own seam treatments. But this time, I used different handmade beaded oya laces to reflect Turkish application on a Turkish style CQ block. Everything,, I've used, on this block is from our local market.
I started to get pieces together with my favorite Victorian colors,
after piecing the block I added neat color trims, of course I selected them among my beaded oya laces, and stitched seam treatments using mostly silk threads. I crocheted two little hats, but I decided to use pinky one, it looked more apparent with its lovely colors and its contrast border ribbon.

This is a highlight of the bottom side. All those embellishments that I used are from our local market. The silk ribbons that I used to make web & fargo roses are also local products, that variegated silk ribbon looked so pretty on the web rose . The bronze butterfly charms looks like antiques. Recently, I found that little tulip charm at a local bead shop. I especially wanted to use it because tulip is another nice symbol of Istanbul. The origin of tulip is Istanbul, it goes to 15th-16th centuries, Ottoman Empire.
This photo shows the right side of the block.I used my favorite style oyas on the pink fabric and added a calla charm. It is also a new charm that I found it from a bead shop at Ankara. These oyas in this photo are a new creation with my favorite colors with lilac and purple tones of floss thread.
A CQ block without an evil eye bead won't look too much Turkish. Of course, I added a nice evil eye bead to complete it:))
This photo shows some other details of the left side.
Here is the final of the 7x7" little block that I made for dear friend, Lynn. The block on its long way to go to Ca right now. I crossed my fingers it will be reached to there in time to be used at her presentation.
Unfortunately photos doesn't judge the colors so well, however I wanted to share all details of my first CQ project of 2010. I hope 2010 will be a creative year for all of us....Happy stitching.....


Anonymous said...

WOW... I love to look at the work enlarged. I just study it.... It is absolutely delicate & so lovely!! You do such exquisite work!!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thanks for taking time and study it:))
If I start to piece fabrics with my favorite colors I complete embellishing part easily:))
Have nice weekend:))

Lorenza said...

\Rengin, your block looks beautiful and very "turkish", I like the little hat you did.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thank you Lorenza,
It was long time that I didn't crochet my famous little hats:))
Have a nice weekend, too....

Wendy said...

This block is gorgeous Rengin! I absolutely love it. Lyn is very lucky to recieve a block from you. Your work is awesome.

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Your work is so gorgeous!! I love the colour too. She will be so happy with this!! Hideko

Kathy said...

What an inspiration your block is, so elegant and beautiful. I want to start one right now. Perhaps you are my motivator. :) What is the evil eye?

Nicki Lee said...

Hi Rengin!
Happy New Year! Thank you for once again sharing your beautiful work with all of us - I love this block. I have recently found the box of pretty oya laces that I had bought from you and am now going to incorpoarte some of them into a RR block I need to make. I wish I could spend a whole day going to the market with you as everything you use in making your blocks is so pretty.

I hope you are well and wish you a wonderful 2010.

Hugs across the ocean.

Maggie R said...

Hi Rengin.....Happy New Year....
I was looking at this block for the longest time enjoying each area with the delicate work. The color is awesome... You are a true artist..
BTW I LOVED your painting.Almost hard to tell which was the inspirational photo! I use to paint and I enjoyed doing the realistic, altho portraits were my specialty..
Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful work.