Friday, July 8, 2011

My "Victorian theme RR block" back home:))

My RR block came back home safely. As you know, I shared my works on the other participants' blocks. This is the final of the RR, I share my beautiful block. There is problem with the macro adjustment of my new camera, I couldn't take photo as I wanted to show you the details. I hope, at least, these photos should give you an idea about its beauty.

When I assembled my block I was planning to make it cushion but now I changed my decision. I want to use it as an elegant purse. I'm going to add some extra work, such as seam treatments using pearls, bugles and adding buttons etc, it will be a great heavily embellished front side of a purse. Let me go to my studio to search neat color beads, buttons, etc.

I would like to thank all participant buddies for their lovely work on my block, it was a very nice RR that we completed smoothly and great fun.


Kathy said...

Your block is beautiful. Such precise detail work. Love it! A purse would be lovely and the "pleats" on the left are unique.

retriever said...

Very lovely, greeting from Belgium

retriever said...

Very lovely , Greeting from Belgium