Friday, March 8, 2013

A surprise baggie arrived!

What is a real surprise for a Crazy Quilting lover???  I'm sure that most of you understands my feelings when I received a lovely baggie with full of lovely items from dear friend Gerry. She is my DYB RR partner, it was so lovely to be able to stitch with her as the other group members. I liked some charms on a RR block that she worked....she sent me lots of them, appreciated indeed. I don't have enough word to explain my happiness now. I opened this lovely box with a big grin on my face and got impressed when I saw all those wonderful charms and other stuff she sent me. Thanks so much for her thoughtfulness and generosity. 
Also, the arrival time of  this lovely box with full of embellishments is perfect, Mar.8, 2013. It is women day, I wish peaceful world to all humanhood!

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