Friday, November 15, 2013

Sad experience with toxic POINSETTIA!

Poinsettia is one of my favorite plant that I always have it at my home but I never knew that it is a toxic plant for cats.
Our lovely boy’s weight loss was so obvious, he was so quiet and always coming to my nap, looking my eyes.  We decided to take him Vet to ask about his weight loss. Same day he started to vomit in the morning. Unfortunately our Vet couldn’t understand the real reason of vomiting for five days. We’re going to Vet twice for IV to avoid his dehydration but after when we come back home he was looking so bad, starting vomiting, refusing to eat even his favorite foods such as tuna fish or shrimps. Our game player cutty was going to under the coaches, behind the curtains. His appearance was getting worst each day. Vet did all blood tests including lykemia, cats HIV etc, US as well. Our poor boys shaved tummy for US was another trauma for him. We were so sad, trying to figure out what to do, the place we took him is one of the biggest Vet Hospital in the city, what we could do more? 5th day, mid night his started to take breath hard, my DH had to take him Vet Hospital at mid night at 01:30 am. They came back in a several hours but his condition wasn’t well.
I’ve met with a young lady at my hair dresser some time ago, who is a Vet we chat about cats and cat pansion possibilities during our vacations.  I had her name card. I called her and explained my boy’s current situation. She canceled routine appointments to accept us. She found that he had so high fever and started questions. Her 3rd question was”Did he eat any plants?”.  I said, as far as I remember he broke a bunch of poinsietta and bite some leaves of it. She opened a related link at her computer to show me toxic plants page, all symptoms were same with Babig’s. We had wasted five days back and forth to Vet. Hospital, only dehydration and stomach support were applied him.Many secondary effects  as intestinal and blood cells disregarded. Gosh, the milk sap of the poinsettia is fatal for cats....How come I didn’t know it? We could lose our little boy!
Vet Lady started to apply proper meds, we’re going to Clinique each day...It is just a small Clinique not open 24 hours like the other one.
Second week his blood level came more critical, he was unable to produce red blood cells due to marrow bone blood cells production ability.  The only solution should be blood transfussion. But there is no blood bank for cats. Where we should get safe blood for him?  Our second boy’s blood group checked, when we learned that he was same blood group, we cheered all together. Same night he saved his brother’s life with his blood. After anestesia he was sleeping like an angel and we were waiting crazily to see the result if "Babig" will accept the blood.
My DH and DD were holding his paws during transfussion period.  I’ll never forget his eyes which was looking at us as saying “don’t leave mei save me!”.
Whole night we waited but glad that he never vomited but diare continued. Next day, his blood level wasn’t excellent but it was good news for the new blood cell production. After 2 days  it reached to acceptable level.  His front paws were so sensitive after all those IV, we had to use his back paw to take blood. It wasn’t so so easy for him. When we saw the result, Vet, her assistant and I hughed each other with a great happiness, we’ve  never gave up, did every possible thing to save him. 
His dehydration continued for a while, she kept giving him IV.  Afterwords his controls turned to weekly period and afterwords monthly basis. But, we still control his feces, give him special food and he sleeps with us.
I have  an unbeliavable relation with him.  Whenever he feels weak, comes to me and lean his head on to my nest.  Still his both front paws must be painful because of pet angio, in addition, I forgot how many injections he had to have, too.
I’m grateful that I coincidentally met with a Vet Lady and she saved our boy’life with her knowledge and experience. We really appreciate her and her assistant.

Now, we don’t have any indoor plants at home other than some pottet things at the terrace.  We had a serious experience, I hope no one have same thing.  I wanted to share our sad but happy end story before Christmas time. I’m sure there must be cat lovers who doesn’t know toxic effects of poinsettia for their cats. As I told you before, I hope no one have toxic poinsettia problem for their cats during the wonderful time of the year.


Marilyn said...

I'm so glad to hear your boy is on the road to recovery. What a terrible thing to have to go through.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thanks Marilyn, it was really hard time for us but we're so happy that our boy is fine now:))

Kathy said...

I'm sorry poor boy was so sick. You were blessed to come across someone who could help him and bring him back to good health.

crazyQstitcher said...

What a horrible thing to happen to Babig. It must have been very frightening to you and your DH watching your pet suffer and not be able to help him.
A happy chance you met earlier, the Vet friend who revived him.

I am happy for you all to know he is well again.