Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas decorations, my lovely cherubs

It is another beautiful time of the year.  I just realized that I didn't share my small happinesses!!! I neglected to take photos of some of my new goodies that I've bought them at my recent trips and I want to share photos of my other pieces that I like  them . I love to collect small objects, especially cherubs from different places. These are from Germany, close-up photo at below show them more better. My new new embroidered table cloth is from Austria. I love Austrian and German handmade embroidery table cloths. But, I must tell you that they are so rare now, most probably they are unable to compete with cheap far east products. So sad that, most probably we won't be able to find handmade items at near future.
This little bell is my daughter's gift, she've brought it from Netherland last year. It is one of my treasure piece.  I love all Villeroy&Boch winter theme products. But, this bell is so precious for me because it is my daughter's gift.
The other cherubs at my chandelier are from Kathe Wohlfahrt. I'm so glad that I've visited its all stores at different places in Germany. They carry amazing Christmas ormanents. Those Rafael figures at my chandelier are from Kathe, too. Its Christmas Museum at Rotthenburg is amazing, it is worth to visit, indeed.
This handmade glass ornament is from Innsbruck, Austria. Our naughty cat broken old ornaments. During our trip in this fall, I went to same place to buy new ones for my daughter who really saddened so much when they were broken. It was shock!!!So sad that there was new store at the same place which was carrying so simple things, cheap far east products.  Coincidentally I found a few old products at another store. We must keep them carefully.
These are my other cherubs and some Capodimontes.  That tea set was given to my parents as a present when they got married at 1957, I'm so glad that my Mam gave it to me when I got married at 1983. I must admit that I don't use it, I prefer to display safely:))  I love capodimontes, I wish I could win a lottery one day, I spend at least its half to buy Capodimontes and Reutter Porzellan....and, of course I spend money to buy embellishments for my passionate interest, Crazy Quilting:))
 I was so lucky this year. During our visit to my dream place Oberemmergau, Kathe had sale. I just paid only 5.00 Euro for that trinket with heart, its candle included as well. Isn't it a good price??? Now, I have a small set.
Season's greetings.....


Wendy said...

these are just beautiful Rengin! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thank you so much, Wendy.
Have a glorious Christmas with your dear family.