Friday, February 14, 2014

Wonderful Napoli visit!

Some of my followers know that I love to travel and I try to organize short escapes whenever I can. Last week we did one of them with my daughter. We went to NAPLES, my lovely city bella Napoli. I've spent  two years there in my youth, it is always special place for me with wonderful memories.  Several years ago I went there for a short trip. We went to Italy many times, even though Rome but we couldn't manage to go to Napoli before. Our Turkish Airlines started direct flights, it only takes one hour and 45 minutes to go there from Istanbul. So, it is so easy for us to reach there with a direct flight from now on.
Our hotel  Carafa di Maddaloni was fantastic place from 16th century, it was in the renovation but we didn't care about it. All hospitality of the owner and his children were impressive.
The location of the hotel is perfect, in Napoli's Spaccanapoli quarter and so close to Dante Metro station. All rooms have double glazing windows, we didn't care about the traffic noisy of the street.  If you go to Italy you should know about Vespa motorcycles' noise and traffic never ends and especially if you're staying somewhere located on the main roads.
Our room was fantastic with its decoration with amazing  baroque vintage furnitures  and small details that I loved.  I've never stayed in a hotel room before which had a piano. It was a classic Russian piano...lovely crocheted doilies on the night stands and piano were so nice details to feel yourself in a cozy but elegant atmosphere other than a standard hotel room.

I recommend this lovely place for those who would like to have a real Italian atmosphere in the Napoli with an Italian family.
Sinyor Antonio and his children' were the key points of our visit, we enjoyed so much to know them. We started to plan another trip to stay there longer.
I also would like to state wonderful ceramic bathroom set in our room, they were looking like capodimontes, they were really reflecting Italian style beauty of old eras, I didn't ask but most probably they were original equipment of the building, kept well till today.

The main door of the Palaca are closed at eight o'clock at nights as all other parts of the Europe, we were entering with our own keys like our own home in Italy, it was a super experience to breath real Napoletan living style.
A few years ago we stayed at Gladiatori apartment in Vatican, it was another wonderful place to stay in Rome, Italy. It was an amazing place to stay with its decoration, wonderful vintage furnitures and to many special details.
As you all know, some hotels which they have lots of stars, they serve very limited breakfast and they use cheap plates and other equipments...even though some of them use disposal plastic things...To have my coffee with a doily on the silver tray was so chic at Carafa di Maddaloni.  May be it is so small detail but I'm extensively traveled person, after so many experiences all over the Europe it is so important for me.
To visit Naples after a long time was great and my daughter's choice for Carafa di Maddaloni was another great chance to make our trip pleasant.
I never like to exaggerate my likes but all those hospitality was really impressive, if I go Naples again no doubt I'll stay in that lovely place.

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