Saturday, April 19, 2014

My new Czech buttons!

During our recent trip, we visited Czechoslavakia too Other thatn visitn an amazing city, my main was purpose to find Czech buttons as being a real keeper Crazy Quilter!
I didn't have long time to search info where to find Czech button sellers in Prague, I just found one place after my online searches. I also asked at the hotel, but front desk responsible Lady didn't have any information about their famous buttons, however she brought me some information next day which was the same place I've found. Most probally she found same info at internet:)
It was around 16 degrees santigrade when we left Istanbul, Prague's bitter cold and constant raining didn't let us to tour first day, we just hang around the hotel, had delicious food.
Anyway, in our second day, sun started to shine and we had a chance to walk  from Charles Bridge area to Namesti Republiky 1 to find OC Paladium which is very nice shopping mall with full of famous and expensive brand stores.  After a small search we found , Filium but I must admit that it was a real disappointment for me, it is a big quilt store, carrying good brands of goodies but only  half wall of the back side of the store belongs to buttons section. There were only 4-5 models of real Czhec buttons we got used to know, the rest of the buttons were plastic!  I selected only three tubes of three models went to the cash-desk.  I bought all three  buttons of three models, I hope they had more stock refill those tubes after my purchase.
 These were the only elegant model of buttons! They are polished dark green glass beads.
 These cute clock type buttons are 1 and 2 santimeter-small types, I was searching clock type buttons sometime ago, glad they will find their places soon on a wallhanger.

So, these are all what I found in Prague but it is better than nothing!
I found a factory address  before we went to Prague but it was impossible to go there with our limited time. Maybe I couldn't find what expected but at least I know a nice quilt store at Prague now.
By the way, there were crystal bead skeins with lovely color tones at all souvenoir shops but I was warned about cheap far east glass beads.
Our bead stores here in Istanbul carry all kind of Swarovski beads, no need to buy them anymore with paying different money currency.  Because, most of the Czech stores accepts only their own currency, no Euro no credit cards!
So, it was a nice trip to an amazing city, maybe I couldn't find my expectations for the Czech buttons but to visit Prague was so nice at all....No problem, I'll keep searching to find interesting buttons via Etsy, e-bay again.


Gerry Krueger said...

When we were in Prague I wanted to get to the town where they made lampwork beads but found it is impossible to get permission to go there... Years ago I found a delightful button shop in Amsterdam... I love finding things on travel that I can use... Gerry Krueger

Rengin Yazitas said...

I'm sure that there are special places, maybe wholesalers in Prague. I'll keep searching info!

Mosaic Magpie said...

It is always fun to find things while on a trip...brings back special memories!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Yes, you're so right. All those little things remind special memories from different places:))