Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our fantastic trip to Postdam

We had a short escape with my husband last month, it was a radical decision, we got set in a few days and flied to Germany.  We toured many places in a short time but we really enjoyed our time even tough the weather conditions were tough...constant rain and cold...
Unfortunately my Fuji camera have a serious problem with its battery section, I had to use an another camera during this trip, I took many photos but I must admit that I had to struggle and, most of the photos had to be deleted. Anyway, I'll start to share some wonderful vintage furniture photos from a boutique hotel we've stayed in Postdam, Germany. The building was also older than an era, gorgeous interior designs. 
 If anyone ever played Yoville game at Facebook should remember Victorian homes, furnitures.... I enjoyed to play that game for a long time, to select wonderful furnitures to decoarate my syber home was an addiction. when I entered the inside of the hotel, I  thought I was at my syber home with a grin on my chin:)) Really, this hotel was just like a dream for me with its all fantastic vintage style. 
 Its breakfast room has another beauty.
Just small touches but looks  nice.
 I never think a place without books! 
 Very nice designed  a staircase.
 This black cat is the mascot of the hotel:))

 The photo of Queen Lousia of Prussia on the wall.  I wish I could see those days elegant life style there.
 The doors of the rooms are opened to hallways, you see those wonderful huge mirrors.
 These must be original glass details of the home, I didn't ask but it is so obvious.
 The breakfast was super. No comparison with some other well known hotels...
 Hotel staff was also so friendly.
 Our room was big enough with its nice furnitures and nice garden view as well. These kind of boutique hotels are always my favorites in Germany, they give super service with reasonable prices. Most important another thing  that we love to live in a different atmosphere with full of history. If you plan to go to Postdam, look up Postdam Pansion first if they have vacant room.

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