Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sicily, different tastes

We're just back from Sicilia, during our overloaded program I couldn't get a chance for blogging daily but I would like to share some key points from our lovely trip.
Our first stay was at the Messina, heavy showers didn't let us to visit city as we wish. But, found proper places to taste real Sicilian cuisine. By the way, we always try local places instead of famous, touristic-trendly places. Because, you never get real tastes other than shows when you believe their “welcome-welcomes” in the city centers!
Osteria del Campanile was a perfect choice for us after a long day, delicious food and great taste of  wine was good enough to make make us happy.
Del Campanile in this nice street

I strongly recommend this ristorante-pizzeria who should visit to Messina. Its local, foods, wines are really good.
Siracuse was another lovely destination for us, a quiet, lovely place. I must admit that I didn't know that Archimides from there!
There were so many nice places to have dinner to taste local tastes but most of them were fullybooked, we found a nice restraurant after long trials about 21.30 pm. It is a normal time for Italians to have dinner but we don't prefer it much.
Mostly, all cities have a via Roma, Siracusa have one too. We noticed a nice restraurant there, “a putia”! It was really nice with  their staff and their elegant service. Delicious food and good quality of wine was great. Another interesting thing there was to meet with a Lady from Melbourne, Australia. Her company was lovely, we chat till late hours....Wishing her to meet her again, the world is not big that much, just plan and realize trips!
I also would like to mention about “Perbacco”, at Siracusa, Sicily. It is another good restaurant to taste all local foods, but always pre-reservation needed.
If you ask me what was the main place you liked most in Sicilia, I should say, frankly, it is Taormina! Yes, it is a real lovely place that we spend two days, I wish we could stay there more...Those colors, smells, tastes of Italy are so much different, here is the same, too. Its narrow streets, lovely balconies with wonderful flowers, incredible begonvilles at everywhere, delicious foods&wines are enough make you feel great. It was raining when we arrived there, but right after we parked our car, sun started to shine, a lovely breeze cleaned the sky. Amazing Mediterranian coasts were so quiet, I guess, water is still cold, and due to raining nobody goes to shores to swim at the moment. Most probably, those beautiful coast should be so crowded on the coming days.
le alici a beccofico, delicious sardanie!

 Entrance of the La Dracena
In Taormina, we had lunch at La Dracena, twice. It is a family place, they serve really good  local tastes. It is so obvious that I’ll never forget  the taste of“le alici a beccofico”, sardine fish could be  delicious like this!
I strongly recommend you this lovely ristorante La Dracena, if you visit Taormina. It is at the end of a narrow street callad Vico Sacramento. Its perfect place to take a break during a hot summer day. Its lovely garden with wonderrful colors of flowers, begonvilles, friendly stuff with smiling faces, delicious food and cold beer or white wine....I guess, it is enough....nothing more to explain.
Another real Sicilian ristorante I want to suggest you in Palermo, “le Delizie diCagliostro”.. It also serves whole local tastes. I’ve had there only pizza but it was really good.
At our last night we made a final at Catania!  We found “Taverna dei Conti” at via Oberdan. A Sicilian family runs the place since 1964. Their mother sits and watches everythings. It was so obvious that restaurant is under the control of her.  Their open buffet section was super, we couldn’t decide what to select. Main courses also were superior. This pre-reservation needed place definately is worth to try when you visit Catania.

Sicily  tour was in our wish list for a long time, we’re so glad that we completed with it great happiness, visited amazing historical cities, tasted delicious foods and wines, met with wonderful people. I believe that it wasn’t enough time to conquer all those beauties of the island in a such short time, most probably we repeat our visit once again at near future.
I decided to take more meal photos to share for the coming trips:)))

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Kathy said...

Some of the meals looking very delicious, others not so sure.:) I hope you enjoyed your trip and all the special foods. You should have bought a parasol for your sewing area, reminder of wonderful trip.