Friday, June 13, 2014

Vintage Victorian DYB RR - My work on Alice's block

I've started to work on Alice's colorful block before our trip. Unfortunately I couldn't finish it as I planned before our departure, I would like to repeat  my thanks to RR group members for their understanding.
 I started my work with making a mimosa spray on the wine color patch which made an excellent color mix with the top yellow patch. I used small golden charms with green seed beads,  their combo  looked pretty. As my CQ buddies and followers know, I like to use chain stitch very much, I like its lovely appearence on the patches and it provides a great background to create new seam treatments easily.
 My RR partners like me to use oyas, I keep use diffferent oya models on each block as much as I can. I prefer small types otherwise in these 6X6" small blocks I can lose control of embellishment harmony.  I used green bugles under the silk print and did bullion sttiches with yellow silk threads, 14-16 wraps with one ply thread.  I embroidered my name on this block with metallic thread. 

The silk print of the block is black&white. I just added Swarovsky crystal beads as Victorian Lady's necklace to catch nice harmony with main patch's  lovely wine color tone. I hope Alice likes what I've done on her block. We're coming to end of another RR, I'll have just two more blocks to play with.  Happy stitching.....


Little House on the Hill said...

Love your blocks they are beautiful Cheers Pauline

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thank you Pauline:))