Friday, August 29, 2014

International Flags Project

I would like to give a brief info about Turkish flag before explaining the details of my own work which I’ve made it for the Crazy Quilting International groups’ international flags project.Turkey’s flag  is red color including  with white colors of crescent and a star moving centrally in front of the sun with reference to the meeting of the Turkic solar deity Gün Ana (Mother Sun) and the moon god Ay Ata (Father Moon) brought by the space god Khan Erklig . The event technically constitutes a solar eclipse when the moon partially occults the sun at times of syzygy. The flag is often called “Al bayrak “(the red flag) and referred to as “Al sancak”  (the red banner) in the  Turkish national anthem.
The current design of the Turkish flag is directly derived from the late Ottoman flag, which had acquired its final form in 1844. With 1923's Treaty of Lausanne, the Republic of Turkey was officially recognized throughout the world, and the flag of the Ottoman Empire became the flag of the Republic of Turkey.  Its measures have passed by a law during the Republic period on May 29, 1936 which formed the shapes and measures of the current flag of the Republic of Turkey.
In my 12x12” block I put red color patch in the middle of the block.  I used a silk print of our flag to have proper proportions for the star and crescent. I precisely appliqued them and covered with a chain stitch. 
 When I received  an invitation to join this project, I got so excited....I created a special thing in my mind at first moment... I should use only read&white colors...I should make long seam treatments, so, I prepared my block accordingly. I had fancy fabrics in my stash, both red and white colors, I combined them easily. Also I used various white laces....I selected a red&white beaded lace trim, it is totally handmade beaded form of our traditional oya laces.

After sewing silver star&crescent charms I decided to use only silver tones of metallic threads and other embellishments as well to catch an elegant look. I kept continued to make long seam treatments mostly using Herringbone and Chevron stitches....I like both stitches, they give wonderful alternatives to use sequins, beads, charms, etc.
had a miniature Maidens Tower charm in my stash. Maiden’s Tower is a symbol of Istanbul. The name `Maiden`s Tower` has its roots in the more popular story relating a maiden`s misfortune. According to this tale, a beautiful Byzantine princess was once quartered in this tower. It is said that soothsayers had predicted her early death by snakebite. Her father, Emperor Constantine who loved her dearly, built an extended castle  and placed her there to avert the fatal end. Eventually the girl died of snakebite, which entered the castle in a grape basket. The other story doing the rounds links it to the Leander-Hero romance and gives it the name Leander Tower. This tale tells that a castle was built on the present site by a Byzantine Emperor for his daughter Hero. When the Emperor learnt that his daughter had a love affair with a commoner named Leander, he imprisoned Hero in the castle. This could not dispirit Leander who, being of athletic-make, would cross Hellespont to see Hero. One stormy night he had no light to guide him and drowned. Hero, hearing of the mishap, flung herself into the sea.
I put this mentioned tower’s charm and did  waves using white seed beads and silver metallic thread. Added stars on the sky...Crazy quilters’ imagination is endless. 
In the Ottoman Empire, tulips played such an important role that the reign of Sultan Ahmed III (1703-1730) has been labeled the "Tulip Era". Ever since tulips are so important in our art world.  I created a special tulip like flower form with my own imagination. I used ellips, flat type pearls and made petals with silk ribbons. Ribbonsmyth’s un-dyed sheer silks helped me a lot to create them, thanks Vic, I love to use your ribbons and highly recommend them for new stash builders.
I believe that birds and butterflies are the symbols of freedom, I added them on my block as a symbol of our independence as well.

I used an old silver metallic thread to stitch my name and country name.  I like to use this thread because it gives an old, antique look. 
I made bullion stitches to make little flower flower form on the  red color buggles...Each of them has 18 and 20 wraps with cotton perle.  
This is the last photo that shows final stage of my block. It is already on its long way to reach Cathy Kizerian. It will take a place on a big wall hanger of the international flags project. I hope I'll be able to see it in person on next years retreat. 
Wishing a peaceful world  to you all....


Marci said...

absolutely beautiful!!!

Juli said...

You made a beautiful block!

Shirlee Fassell said...

Beauitful work!

Candi said...

Oh Rengin, that is beautiful and the telling us about your flag was lovely. HUGZ:)

traderslostart said...

Absolutely ❤ it . . .
AWESOME block Rengin, as all your work always is.
It's why you are one of my Top 10 favorite crazy quilters !!!
Consistently fabulous work . . .

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments.