Monday, August 11, 2014

Diva's Elegance DYB RR - My work on Gerry's block

 I'm glad that joined another RR with another talented ladies. Our group name is "Diva's Elegance", it is going to be a lovely RR with some old friends. 
It was pretty hard to make a selection among Gerry's wonderful blocks. I've picked this block with lovely red wine tones and pinkies.  Recently, I've seen a lovely seam treatment at somewhere, most probably it was at Pinterest, I did it with some additions with variegated ribbons I've found in my stash, and found another beaded lace trim as well, its border totally matched with the fabric, cream and olive green color flowers looked good. I kept sewing with my chain stitches  on some patches with metallic threads. 

Gerry is going to make a wall hanger with these RR blocks.. Its main piece is ready, it is mainly cream color, therefor I tried to have some cream color objects, one of them is an old vintage lace, I added small triangles on top and bottom with silk thread and put pearls.

 I added some SRE. I used sequins, seeds beads, charms. It was really nice to work on her block with silk fabrics...I mostly prefer fancy, solid fabrics to work for but this block was nice to play with nice fabrics and bright colors.
It will start its long trip to the US tomorrow morning, I hope Gerry likes what I've done on her block. 
Now, I'm waiting another block to play in these hottest days of the summer.


Gerry Krueger said...

Oh Rengin it is just fabulous... You have started my blocks with a great beginning... Your seam treatments are so creative.

I mailed the next set (Claudia's) they are on their way... Thank you so much for your beautiful work...


Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Gerry,
Glad you liked what I've done, I really enjoyed so much to work on your lovely block. It was pretty hard to select one among them.
I'm looking forward to get Claudia's blocks.
In this small break I'm working on the flag project, I have to finish it as soon as possible, it is 12"X12, needs more work.