Friday, August 8, 2014

Vintage Victorian DYB RR My work on Melody's block

So we came to end of another RR, Melody's blocks is ready to start its long journey. When I started to work on her block, I thought turquoise tones will be perfect and I selected turquoise tone embellishments from my stash. After adding beaded oya lace I made  a seam treatment using turquoise color sequins, almost same color of metallic thread and seed beads made a good contrast. A stiff beige color oya also looked nice with some pearls.
 I added a wide vintage lace on the dark green patch, to catch a harmony with  opposite beige patch, I did chain stitch with Guttermann golden metallic thread as a border at the bottom, I added some SRE with neat colors.  
I also made seam  treatments at the both sided of the silk print, I used variegated color thread at right side, I did chain stitch first than added lazy daisies, it matched with the main color colors of the fabric so well, soft blue color pearls, too. I used silk thread at the opposite and added turquoise color Swarovski beads.  I also used some golden color small charms on the block.  At left bottom,  one of my favorite organdy ribbon looked pretty after making frills and flat oyas. I hope Melody likes what I did on her block. It was so lovely to stitch with Vintage, Victorian DYB RR group, I hope to stitch with them again.
It is time to start to work on another project soon.


Shirlee Fassell said...

Lovely job! Your seam treatments are wonderful as usual!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thanks so much, Shirlee:))