Friday, August 8, 2014

Helsinki Notes - where to eat!

We just came back another trip. Our  short trip covered Finland and Estonia this time, I would like to share some nice places that we had nice food.

Our first stop was at Sundmans restaurant at Eteläranta 16, Helsinki, it is well known, famous place since 1817,  so close to Helsinki port. Its quality and ambiance is so nice but prices are extremely high if we have compare to other countries.
Another nice restaurant in Helsinki was Salve at Hietalahdenranta 11,  which was so close to our hotel. Our timing was perfect to find last available table  afterwords, people had to wait long time at the door.  I liked cozy atmosphere, so many nice paintings, accessories make place so nice.....I believe that it must be always fully booked during  winter time as well, it looks really a nice place for the dark and cold days. We really had delicious food with a reasonable price, the stuff was so friendly, service was so speedy.

Madama Krug is another nice place that we had dinner.
We also visited Porvoo in Finland, it is a small, cute town, almost one hour drive from Helsinki by bus. We had nice meal at the terrace of Wanha Laamanni, it is an old restaurant in the old town. It has rich Scandinavian menu but I prefer just an antre with beer. Enjoyed it. Its indoor place looks so nice and elegant, it also must be perfect place for the dark and long winter days.
Madama Krug  was one of good choice at nice outdoor place for us, the weather was extremely hot during our entire trip, it is so normal that most places do not have air conditioning due to their normal weather conditions. But, most probably they should (have to) have A/Cs on the coming years, it seems that it is going to be a must with these weather conditions.
My choice of white fish was really good. According to my observations local people likes sweet peas so much, sweet peas and asparagus with a nice sause under the fish was really good. 

I think, this photo is enough to tell how much I enjoyed it... The cake was super without sugar, bitter chocolate, berries and vanilla ice cream and double espresso cafe...
Another thing I would like to share about coffee!...when I said Cafe Americano, they served me espresso. I love espresso but when I wanted to have a big mug of coffee while resting after long walking in the city...After two different experiences, I said "Filter Cafe" and had a big mug of coffee.

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