Thursday, October 9, 2014

Diva's Elegance DYD RR - My work on Fitzy's block

This time I've worked on a special block with a different concept. My RR partner lives in the Sonoran Desert, close to Tucson, Arizona. She likes keys, coins, tiny charms etc. and she would like to have retro style. Her explanations are so clear in her  RR note but I must admit that it is totally a different concept for me to create something with desert, cowboy town theme.
I 've picked one of block with a lovely print with Tucson cactus motif. I  did one of my favorite stitch with variegated color thread at the right side, added green color seed beads.
I did a Chevron stitch at left side using desert color thread, I added neat color beads as well
I used brass like small charms on the Fitzy's nice lace.  I added different keys to catch a different contrast, also did chain with neat metallic treads. 
I tried to remember all those cowboys films that I've watched, John Wayne, Lee Van Cleff were our childhood heros....A cowboy town without bar!!! I stitched a label, afterwords, remembered my small letter beads. I had a cowboy boot and small dollar baggie  charms in my stash, they were all perfect accessories...At last I added another small charms to create a sun according to my fantasy, my metallic Gutterman thread did good job for the sun shines. Due to very hot climate, everyone must wear a hat there, so I added a cap.  At last put a small heart shape charm, too.
I hope Fitzy likes what I did for her big wall hanger. I've never worked on a block with desert, cowboy theme before. I was so hesitant at the beginning, I didn't know what to do...But, after starting first seam treatment everything went so smoothly, I enjoyed to work on that block. I must create something for me too:))


Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket said...

I absolutely love this block. All the little bits of western accents make it super fun. Any recommendations for placing to find tutorials/instructions on some of the embroidery techniques you've used?

QuiltingFitzy said...

I have just now found your blog post about my block. I'm sorry to have stretched your imagination so far...but because you are so professional, you rose to the occasion beautifully. I can't be a luckier woman, than to have your art on my block. Thank you from the bottom of my desert-warmed heart. (where it's 33.33 C today here!) xo