Monday, October 20, 2014


I  have been nominated by  Jenny Clouston,   to participate in The Round the World Blog Hop. She is very talented quilter from Australia, I would like to thank her.

There are a few questions that we have to answer so people can find out a more about us.

1. What Quilting/Sewing things am I working on?

I do like sane quilting but crazy quilting is my passionate interest, I love to create different blocks heavily embellished with pearls, beads, sequins, charms... I like to join Round Robins with my favorite themes such as Victorian, Vintage, Winter, etc. I really forgot how many RR or different activities  such as charity projects I’ve joined  since 2004.  
To win a contest with my first big project was a great motivation, the influence of the Victorian style and Victorian colors are so obvious on my quilts.

2. How does my work differ from those of it's genre?

I believe that every crazy quilt is unique and has special reflections of its creator. In a decade,  I did so many projects, some of them were  heavily embellished  memory quilts with  the 40x40” dimension,  charity blocks etc....I must admit that I have just a purse and a few small things for myself at the moment.
To join RRs keeps me busy, in addition to review different blocks is always a learning period for the endless journey of the crazy quilting.
My weak point was to create CQ blocks...however, I improved in the past years, I assemble pieces more easily now a days:))...I think, my painting experience helps a lot to play with colors to make nice combos.
I love to use fancy solid fabrics to create blocks that they show  crazy seam treatments more apparently. I rarely use trims, I love to create my own seam treatments using lots of beads, sequins, bugles, charms and of course oyas! Oyas are our traditional Turkish needle art samples. It has a long story for me how I've introduced them to the CQ world. Some stitcher friends calls me as "Queen of the Oyas" and they can recognize my work among the others easily.
 Crazy Quilt Gatherings is a wonderful quarterly magazine of the CQ world, it was a great honor for me to take  a place on its cover of  2012 spring issue. I spent long time to create it, but I enjoyed so much.

I always love to collect small charms, objects to use on my blocks, I’m a real keeper and my extensive travels helps me to find interesting items...But, I must admit that they are mostly for the important, future projects, like this one!!! I hope those important future projects will be realized soon to use some of all those collected goodies.

To play with all those beads, lovely threads, laces, buttons....covering all those assemble lines gives me a great joy, I may work for long hours...

3. Why do I create what I do?

Crazy quilting is a special love of mine, the answer to many interests. What other handcraft combines embroidery, sewing, beading, applique, laces, ribbons, buttons, painting, color designs, self expression so many things?  To top it off, its a little self indulgent with no function at all, other than to be beautiful and a little intriguing!
I love the outcome of a heavily embellished block with a theme...I love to create memory blocks to give presents and love to join RRs.

4. How does my creating process work?

To be honest, I mostly work on charity works and RRs....I must also admit that if I like a RR block at first sight I really don’t know where to stop, I keep continue to fill my part crazily...

In my CQ journey I’ve met lovely Ladies that they share same passionate interest,  so many wonderful friendships established from all over the world, their inspiring work influenced me to create my own style. I  love to share lovely ideas,  trading goodies from all over the world.  It is another wonderful part of the CQ’ing is different swaps. I joined so many different swaps, they helped me to build my extensive stash.

I try to see my projects’s final stage in my brain before the  beginning.  I mostly work on the different project in the same time. I spend long time my at my studio. 

But what I love most to do is to teach, share my experiences. There are so many CQ'er Ladies that  I have met over the years and the work they create is truly inspiring.

I think I told a lot about myself now I would like to introduce my nominatees;

Barbara Nicki Seavey, She has incredible imagination to create wonderful blocks, and she uses amazing laces dyed by herself. 

Wilma van Wagensveld, She is talented quilter from the Netherlands, I like her style so much.

I would like to thank Jenny once again for her kind invitation:)


Renee said...

Rengin, your work is always SO beautiful. It is always a treat for the eyes!

Rengin Yazitas said...

What a lovely words to hear...thanks so much Renee:))

QuiltingFitzy said...

What a lovely blog post! I have so much to learn from you, and am very thankful that you are in my CQRR group. By studying your work, I think I'll learn to fill my block areas better, and stray away from my minimal approach. I guess I need to get into more swaps, my goodies are only enough to fill the bottom of a small shoe box!!

Allison Aller said...

That magazine cover is such a Masterpiece, Rengin!